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Instagram tries to make it easier to find nearby businesses

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According to Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram Stories, Instagram’s latest update aims to make it easier for users to find local businesses or attractions by adding a searchable map that lets you “discover popular local businesses near you.” The map will show you a list of nearby places and let you see posts about a place or just certain types of businesses.

There are a few ways to access the map – if someone has marked a place in a post or story, you can click on the label and click “view location” to access that location’s page. If you walk around on the map, you can search the area to see what’s nearby.


Navigate to the map and search from the story stickers.

You can also search for places (including entire cities) in the Explore tab. Tapping on a place search result will take you to the map.

Navigate to the map and search from the Explore page.

Once you’ve searched for an area, you can use filters to narrow your search results so you only see restaurants, bars, parks, or other types of places. You can also save a location if you want to view it later. (You can do this by going to your profile, clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right corner, then clicking Saved.)

The company began testing the updated map in select countries last year, but it’s now widely available, according to Zuckerberg’s story on Tuesday.

Zuckerberg announced the searchable map on Instagram.
Image: Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram has been adding some e-commerce features to its app in recent months, and the map feature feels like another move to make the platform more business-friendly, albeit a brick-and-mortar store. Given that Facebook already recommends certain types of businesses on its location pages, and how much functionality Meta shares across its platforms, it won’t be enough if we see similar map functionality in other Meta apps in the near future Surprised.

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