Friday, December 2, 2022

International travel guide: don’t go to Lake Tahoe in 2023 to be healthy

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Just a week before Lake Tahoe Resort opened for the winter, Fodor’s Travel, an international travel guide, advised everyone not to go. The entire Lake Tahoe basin was included in the derogatory “2023 Do Not Go List”. Relax and recuperate.

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“Lake Tahoe has a people problem,” notes the guide. “That’s whyEpidemicAnd the immigrants left, large numbers of people moving to the hills, and people who had second homes in the area also came to live permanently in Lake Tahoe. And this has led to an increase in traffic along the lake, filling up many avenues and beaches. ,

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As a result, in addition to traffic jams from Chuluc to Tahoe, particulate pollution seeps into the lake, clouding the cobalt-blue water that is its main attraction. One solution would be to reduceVehicleTraffic, this is the reason Fodor’s Travel Guide implores people not to go. “Improving access to Lake Tahoe will reduce this source of pollution,” the guide says, “and reduce the stress and strain of traveling to Lake Tahoe.”

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Andy Chapman, CEO of North Tahoe Tours in Nevada, disputed that statement. “We need to give nature a break, but we shouldn’t be telling people not to come to Lake Tahoe.” He said the agency offers a “responsible traveler pledge” on its website with six principles on how visitors can help take care of Lake Tahoe, and that it’s important to respect the destination when visiting. Chapman also noted that commuters are not the only cause of overcrowding, and that people who moved to the Tahoe area to work remotely during the pandemic have not yet returned.

Efforts have been made in recent years to get people to drive less, as vehicular exhaust is seen as a major source of pollution in the lake. Those efforts include Tart Connect, a free service similar to Uber’s door-to-door service in vans and traditional buses that most large hotels and resorts provide to guests. There are three areas, from Chuluk to Tahoe, and Between Palisades Tahoe and Northstar California ResortskiSeveral resorts are in operation, from ski resorts on the west shore of the lake to Incline Village in Nevada on the north shore.

“Locals use the service, and we want tourists to use it,” said Kirsten Guinn, director of marketing for the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association.

“My feeling is that the problem of overtourism is global and there are some places that are particularly affected,” Keane said. “But Lake Tahoe is still beautiful, and it’s gorgeous every moment of the day.”

Heavenly Mountain Resort, Northstar California Resort and Kirkwood Mountain Resort (Kirkwood Mountain Resort) opened early on Saturday (the 12th) after three feet of snow fell last week, including Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows.

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