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Internet celebrity instant noodles crawling with ants

A “White Elephant Instant Noodles Were Stuffed With Ants”WeiboRush for the hot find, and the number of readings exceeded 620 million. Baixiang Foods official Weibo issued a statement saying that after verification, this case is not a quality problem in the company’s production process in any way. If the reputation of the company is damaged, Baixiang will defend its legitimate rights and interests by legal means.

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According to reports from the Daily Economic News and Xiaoxiang Morning News, consumer Li Envy complained that he ordered to purchase a five-pack of Baxiang Tang Yuu’s Signature Pork Bone Soup Noodles on July 26 and received the goods on July 27. On July 29, I opened a packet. When I was about to cook the noodles in the pot, I found that the noodles were covered with small black dots. When I looked closely, they were full of ants.

Li Envy took pictures and immediately collected evidence, and called the Baixiang consumer hotline. Customer service stated that the photos provided by Lee Env cannot be identified from the product itself. Only the edge of the opening of the bag was found. It was estimated that it was infected with outdoor insect pests. 2 times the purchase price of RMB 29.6 yuan to compensate for Li NV. The two sides negotiated a price, and customer service eventually proposed a compensation plan of 100 yuan.

“I don’t accept compensation measures like this. I opened this instant noodle like this, and I wouldn’t go on the picture.” Ms. Li said, it is expected that Baixiang can compensate 1,000 yuan according to the “food safety law”. , It is reported that Baixiang eventually paid 1,000 yuan (about US$148) in accordance with the relevant laws, and the dispute has been resolved.

Many netizens questioned that it was a problem with transportation and storage, and it had nothing to do with the manufacturer: “I think it’s funny to say there are ants. Are you a handicrafts workshop?”, ” It may not be entered on the production line, it is probably during storage. The packaging was damaged and clogged up”, “Isn’t this due to improper storage?”

According to a report by NetEase, Baixiang instant noodles have been sluggish for so many years.First, the company recruited disabled employees.BeijingThe Winter Paralympic Games became popular, and then the incident of Master Kang stepping barefoot on sauerkraut at the old altar of sauerkraut noodles brought Baxiang back into the public eye. Like Hongxing Erke, it was discovered by a large number of netizens with a sense of justice and sympathy, and then bought it.

White Elephant Instant Noodles Must Be A Pure Domestic Brand, And It Was Once Outright RejectedJapanThe acquisition of enterprises prevents Japanese capital from controlling the instant noodle market in China.

White Elephant Soup is a delicious and signature pork bone noodle soup. (taken from enlightenment)


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