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TechnologyIntroducing the 6 CTOs who will be on stage...

Today Nation News will hold the “Today Nation News CTO of the year 2021 powered by AWS” on December 2nd, which will determine the most brilliant CTO of the year.

The CTO of the year is an annual event hosted by Today Nation News. At the event, a pitch contest will be held by the CTO of a start-up company to examine the contribution of technology to the business. We will select the most brilliant CTO of the year based on evaluations such as uniqueness, innovation, industry influence, and organizational management. In this article, I would like to introduce the six CTOs who will be on stage at the event.

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Yuta Horii, Co-Founder and CTO of Smart Bank

After joining VOYAGE GROUP Co., Ltd. as a new graduate and engaging in the development of media and advertisement distribution infrastructure as an engineer, in 2012 he founded and developed Fablic Co., Ltd., which develops Japan‘s first flea market app “Frill” (currently Rakuma). Engaged in service growth. After M & A with Rakuten of the company, he will be in his current position in 2019 for the second time. While serving as the CTO in charge of the development department, he is in charge of developing payment infrastructure and card issuance infrastructure.


Experienced in demonstration experiments of advanced technologies utilizing AWS, AI, IoT, etc. at a major SIer, and driving the technology community.
After that, he promoted infrastructure, data, AI, and security projects as a cloud architect at Microsoft Japan. In November 2020, he became CTO of DATA FLUCT and led product development as a technical manager and product owner of multi-cloud AutoML and no-code machine learning services. Also in charge of technical organization management and technical advisors for DX projects.

Mr. Haruhiko Tano, CTO of Empei

Joined Works Applications as a new graduate and was in charge of accounting system engineers. After that, he joined Recruit and worked as an engineer and product manager in Kidsly, Study Supplement, and other new businesses. Co-founded Empei Co., Ltd. in 2018 and became CTO of the company. Oversees the development organization. Selected as one of Toyo Keizai’s “Amazing Venture 100″. It was also adopted by the PayPay Accelerator Program.

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oVice CTO Hirokazu Hasegawa

Born in 1982. Since the age of 18, he has been working as a programmer alongside students, building a wide range of systems from embedded fields such as kernels and device drivers to server-side and network infrastructure. He has been in his current position since the establishment of NIMARU TECHNOLOGY (currently oVice, Inc.).

I’mbesideyou co-founder and CTO Nose Yasuhiro

Completed the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University. Responsible for the development and operation of mission-critical systems centered on the telecommunications industry at NTT DATA, as well as the development of image recognition and voice recognition AI services in robot development. Senior system architect of NTT DATA. A full stack engineer with the ability to handle a wide range from the front end to the back end. Currently attending Musashino Art University.

estie CTO Tatsuya Iwanari

Born in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. Graduated from Matsue National College of Technology, Department of Computer Science. After enrolling in the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, he started a business based on the programming educational materials developed when he was enrolled in a technical college. After that, he completed the master’s course in the Department of Electronic Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, the University of Tokyo. After graduating, engaged in development as a software engineer at Indeed Japan for three and a half years. Participated in estie in October 2020. Appointed CTO in August 2021 and oversees the development team.

Event summary

[Date]TechCrunch Tokyo 2021 Day 1 will be held after Day 1, December 2 (Thursday) 19: 10-20: 50 (scheduled)


[Examination criteria]Contribution to business through technology (uniqueness, innovation, industry influence, organizational management are also evaluated)

[Review]By the CTO of the year executive committee

[Organizer]Today Nation News (Boundless Co., Ltd.)

[Planning and management cooperation]Amazon Web Services Japan

[How to watch]

  • Those who have a CTO or similar title can participate for free (pre-registration).
  • Those who have purchased a ticket for TechCrunch Tokyo 2021 (you do not need to apply for a new ticket because you can watch it continuously with TechCrunch Tokyo 2021).

[Secretariat contact information][email protected]techcrunch.jp

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