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Is eating Chinese food becoming Americans’ first choice at Christmas?Searches for “Chinese food” peak every December

News website Axios reported on the 25th that according to statistics, Americans celebrateChristmasThe phenomenon of switching to Chinese food is becoming popular, so there will be a wave of interest in searching for Chinese food on the Internet from January to December every year.

Restaurant search and review website Yelp told Axios that during Christmas last year, forChinese restaurantThe number of searches increased by 99% compared to other single days of the month.

And it’s not just Yelp. Since the release of online search data in 2004, the search popularity of “Chinese food” on the search engine Google has peaked every Christmas. The main reason is that Chinese restaurants are also open as usual on Christmas Day, which encourages Chinese people to switch to Chinese food on Christmas Day, especially for many people.JewishFor families, the most common way to celebrate Christmas is by eating delicious food.

Rabbi Joshua Platt, a Jewish priest and author of “A Kosher Christmas: ‘Tis the Season to Be Jewish,” told National Public Radio (NPR) in 2017 that the Jewish tradition of enjoying Chinese food at Christmas dates back to 1935. , and maybe even earlier.

The plot revealed that The New York Times first cited the habit of Jews of visiting Chinese restaurants every Christmas to enjoy Chinese food in 1935.

“Chinese restaurants on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are certainly a safe haven for American Jews who feel like an outsider,” Platt told NPR.

In 2010, then-President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to be the new Supreme Court Justice. During a hearing in Congress, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina made a surprise comment. When asked where the Jewish Kagan would spend Christmas, Kagan replied simply: “Like all Jews, I would probably go to a Chinese restaurant.” New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer also said: “Because no other restaurants are open.”

According to data from food websites, eating Chinese food on Christmas Day is becoming popular. (associated Press)

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