Home World News Is involuntary trembling of limbs Parkinson’s disease?Doctors say it is easy to be confused with this disease

Is involuntary trembling of limbs Parkinson’s disease?Doctors say it is easy to be confused with this disease

Is involuntary trembling of limbs Parkinson’s disease?Doctors say it is easy to be confused with this disease

Is involuntary trembling of the limbs necessarily Parkinson’s disease? Actually, there is another disease whose symptoms are very similar to Parkinson’s disease. They all have tremor symptoms, so it is easy to confuse people. Gao Zicheng, a Chinese medical practitioner, said that he once treated an 80-year-old patient who was diagnosed with “primary Parkinson’s disease” by Western medicine. “Tremors” is a neurological disorder, but unlike Parkinson’s disease, it is not accompanied by other neurological problems. Its main symptom is involuntary and continuous shaking.

Dr. Gao Zicheng explained that essential tremor mainly manifests as involuntary tremors of the limbs, head, or other parts of the body. This tremor is usually more pronounced during specific movements or postures, and may be affected by emotional stress, fatigue, or anxiety. In acute cases, although essential tremor usually does not affect muscle strength or coordination, it can cause discomfort in daily life and work.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, primary vibration is a manifestation of “liver wind”. Dr. Gao Zicheng further analyzed that traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses heat-clearing and wind-clearing treatments, such as Gastrodia Unteng Decoction; In terms of acupuncture, Fengchi is mostly used, Qiqi, Hegu, Yanglingquan, Taichong, Taixi and other acupoints are treated. Through customized treatment courses, most patients experience significant relief.

For acupuncture therapy, Dr. Gao Zicheng adoptsJapanNew Yamamoto-Style Scalp Acupuncture Therapy. In 2015, he personally went to Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan to introduce Yamamoto Japanese-style painless acupuncture, developed by Dr. Yamamoto Toshikatsu, to Taiwan. It has been widely used around the world. More than 50 years.. Different from traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, Japan’s new Sanyuan-style scalp acupuncture uses fine needles only 0.24 mm in diameter. By stimulating specific stimulation points on the scalp, it can rapidly improve the symptoms of the affected areas at the respective points. There is almost no feeling when the needle is inserted, which is not unlike traditional Chinese medicine. The soreness, numbness and pain caused by acupuncture is suitable for people who are afraid of pain, the elderly, children and women.

Dr. Gao Zicheng mentioned that when the above 80-year-old patient came for treatment, his tremors got worse when picking up things with both hands, and he also became a little unsteady when walking. After 12 treatments of Shanyuan-style new head diagnosis therapy, his condition has improved significantly. Symptoms have improved, and walking is now stable and in good condition.

Although essential tremor can cause discomfort to patients’ lives, in addition to Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine also offers a variety of treatment options that can help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Dr. Gao Zicheng recommends that if people are suffering from suspected idiopathic tremor, if you have tremor symptoms, you should immediately seek diagnosis and treatment from a professional doctor. Proper treatment can improve the symptoms and help you get back your original quality of life.




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