Is Quick Saliva Testing To Benefit? Lan questions “Green Friends” Chen Shizong: Don’t buy it if it’s expensive

Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shizong (central) inspected Taipei Rong Zong on the 11th, and people went down in anger. (Reporter Su Jianzhong/Photography)

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare imported South Korea’s Gmate saliva rapid screening reagent through the high-end major shareholder “Fuyouda”.Command Center CommanderChen ShizongYesterday, he said there is no profit problem. The cost of accelerated screening is a free market. Now there are a variety of channels to get the screening faster. “If the price isn’t fair, not everyone should buy it.” Guo Zhengliang, a former Democratic Progressive Party legislator, said the current price of this quick filter is outright profiteering and “too high”.

Chen Shizong inspected Taipei Rong Zong yesterday afternoon. He was unexpectedly scolded by the public and got down. The atmosphere at the scene was shameful. During the interview, Chen Shizong first said “haha” twice, and then said, “During the epidemic, not everyone’s mood is very calm, it’s good to go.”

KuomintangThe group reported yesterday that a single dose of Gmate Saliva Rapid Screening in Taiwan costs NT$230 (TWD, same bottom, US$7.82). 100 million yuan; The retail price of this saliva quick screen in Malaysia is only NT$100, raising questions on the Food and Drug Administration for profiteering from specific manufacturers. Kuomintang president Zhu Lilun criticized the Cai government’s lack of masks in 2020, vaccines last year, rapid investigations and medicines this year, and the ruling party’s lack of empathy.

Responding to outside skeptics, Chen Shizong said there are a variety of applications by manufacturers for drugs, vaccines or rapid screening, some of which are accepted, rejected, and need to be supplemented. The system is not proper. ,

Chen Shizong also said that the price is a free market. If the government demands rapid screening reagents, the price will be set. Market is a relationship between buyers and sellers. There are now relatively diverse channels to receive rapid screening. If the price is unreasonable, not everyone should buy it. Wu Ximei, director of the Food and Drug Administration, said the rejection of applications from more than a dozen domestic manufacturers is actually due to a lack of documents. Currently, it is being actively reviewed and processed, and is of no profit to the manufacturer.

As far as DPP MLA Gao Jiayu is concernedGermanyThe cost of a quick saliva test is only NT$30. At that time, the media asked Chen Shiyu if there were any applications for saliva reagents. Chen Shizong said yesterday that it was responding to a rapid screening test of German saliva, but Fu Yuda was a Korean brand. “At the time, Vidhan Yuan said that German saliva (quick screening) was available for testing, but I meant no one came to Germany.”

The Kuomintang Legislative Yuan Group reported yesterday that the Ministry of Health and Welfare has accepted 40 applications from manufacturers for rapid screening of imported saliva since June last year, but they were all closed with “incomplete data”. Of them, three to four manufacturers had applied. For a quick test of Korean Gmate saliva, Fu Youda has now received permission from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in less than two weeks.

Fu Youda is a high level major shareholder, and its founder Chen Canjian is a high level deputy director and general manager. Legislator Lin Yihua questioned whether the Ministry of Health and Welfare is suspected of modifying Fu Youda’s rules. Of the 40 applications, South Korea alone sent 11 times, excluding products from mainland China, and saliva rapid screening reagents manufactured in the United States, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom, all of which were rejected by the ministry. had gone. health and wellness; On April 22, Chen Shizhong, however, stated at the Japanese press conference that “there was no application from the manufacturer.” Why hide facts?

Lin Yihua said that the Ministry of Health and Welfare said that Fujima obtained the Australian Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in February this year, so the application of other manufacturers could not pass last year; But this year, when Fukuda applied to EU Australia, the Ministry of Health and Welfare only added the condition. He also assisted Phu Yuda and Chang Gung Hospital in collaborating with 100 in-house human trial reports. Is it because the results were not good enough that the conclusion was overturned by the Australian EUA?

Lin Yihua also said that in accordance with the instructions of the Food and Drug Administration’s Pharmaceutical Inspection Center, manufacturers are required to provide “the original copy of the country of origin production and sales certificate”, but Fujime has yet to obtain the EUA in the South. not done. Korea, nor has it obtained export certification of Korean medical materials; Why? If Fu Ueda’s application turns into “Green Friends”, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will release it quickly? Is it “doesn’t matter”?

On the 11th, the Kuomintang
On the 11th, the Kuomintang held a press conference on “The Kuomintang Support Nurse Practitioners in the Nation”. MLA Jiang Wannan, who was in isolation at home, also participated in a video conference. (reporter Zeng Yuanxin / photography)

Chen Schizong German Nationalist Party

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Taiwan Command Center allows the public to purchase up to 100 quick-screening agents from overseas


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