Home USA News Is spring coming?The warm winter continues next week as unusually warm currents sweep the country

Is spring coming?The warm winter continues next week as unusually warm currents sweep the country

Is spring coming?The warm winter continues next week as unusually warm currents sweep the country

Cable News Network (CNN) reported on the 24th that weather forecasts indicate that the country will experience abnormally hot weather starting next week, which is like announcing that winter is finally over, and various Places will see hot days of March.

Arctic air is continuously showing its influence and last week also there was brief rain in the central and eastern regions.low temperatureBut warm winters have become the climate norm, and the boundaries between winter and spring are becoming increasingly blurred across much of the country.

Weather forecasts show it will spread from Dallas north to Minneapolis and east over the next weekphiladelphiaWill be immersed in hot current (summer), temperatures will be similar to May and June; The highest temperatures will rise during the day but the lowest temperatures will not cool at night, and over 200 daily temperature records may be set.

Among them, the hottest day of the year may arrive on the 26th in major cities in the central region. Temperatures rise as high as 70 °F in Omaha, Nebraska, but local temperatures typically do not reach 40 °F until late February and 70 °F in late March; Temperatures can even reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Dallas, Texas, indicating that warm weather will arrive as early as, or even close to, late April.MexicoTemperatures can exceed 100 degrees in some areas.

This wave of unusually warm current moved eastward on the 27th, covering most of the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley. Temperatures could reach 60 degrees from Chicago to Cleveland as well as St. Louis. Temperatures are also expected to reach 80 degrees.

The warm stream will then cover the East Coast, including Philadelphia and New York, where temperatures will exceed 60 degrees, and the Gulf Coast and Southeast regions will still have warm weather.

According to weather forecasts, a humid warm air mass and a strong cold air mass are expected over the central and western plains later on the 27th, bringing with them some thunderstorms and short-lived lows. However, winter is basically over. Record highs were recorded in the central and western parts of the country, the Northeast and many countries. Ten cities experienced their warmest winters ever.

Snowfall amounts in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions are several feet less than previous years. Before the end of February, only 40% of the Great Lakes had frozen over. On the 22nd, the snow and ice coverage rate was even closer to a record low coverage rate of 6%.

According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, warm winter climate will continue through early March, with above average temperatures across the eastern two-thirds of the United States, and unseasonably warm temperatures may also occur in the North. climate.

Temperatures across the country will become unusually warm next week, signaling the end of winter and the heavy snowfall that occurred in Tennessee last month. (associated Press)



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