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Is Taylor Swift’s romance in trouble? My boyfriend’s family became “Kardashians”

queen of musicTaylor SwiftVia a short video, he accepted the “Artist of the Year” award from the online radio platform iHeartRadio listeners’ vote, thanked his fans for their enthusiastic support, and announced that in addition to the debut of his new album, his ” Era” will also be released. This year she will also go to Europe. His work schedule is still very full, even though he and AmericansoccerKansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is still in love. However, according to gossip publication “Globe”, this relationship, which is considered by fans to be “the reality version of love between the golden boy of high school sports and the queen of campus”, is already in trouble. Travis is so clingy to Taylor Swift, leaving her breathless, she hopes they’ll give each other some space.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fell in love last fall. Not only did she often go to the stadium to cheer him on, but she also went to his concerts between games and enjoyed the sweet times. Even though she left the United States and moved to Argentina,SingaporeWhen the song started, he followed her and showed his affection in front of the public, which made fans’ hearts melt even more. However, the “Globe” said that Travis felt pressured by Taylor. To make matters worse, although his expression of love was direct, she found it very vulgar and a little embarrassing, so she wasn’t necessarily so happy to follow him around the whole time. Time.

But Travis is happily enjoying the privileges of being a popular celebrity. He will be treated like a VIP and will receive different courtesies at every occasion. There is no way for them to leave it. The fast-thinking film and television industry also wanted to do something for him and his family. Opening a reality show and promoting them as “the next Kardashian family” would expose details of his and Taylor’s relationship, which could make Taylor even more scandalous. Although Travis has not publicly disclosed which European concert of Taylor Swift he will go to see, the “Globe” ridiculed him that “he has probably already packed his bags.” With such a clingy boyfriend, it depends on what Taylor Swift will do. with this.

Taylor Swift (left) and Travis Kelce are rumored to have a problematic relationship. Image/Quote from the Globe



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