Isabella Camille reveals difficulties in her marriage to Sergio Mayer: “Sometimes there are lawsuits”

U.S.A.Isabella Camille reveals difficulties in her marriage to Sergio...

The actress was worried about her husband (Photo: Instagram @issabelacamil_)

after what sergio mayor became controversial after being accused of allegedly interfering in The case of Hector “Ann”, the father of Alexa Parra, With the help of effects pedaling, the actor hasn’t been in optimal condition.

Thus, in a meeting with the media, Find Camille He admitted that politicians are greatly influenced by everything that is declared against him.

,It hurts me at times how it’s judgedHe is criticized and it is difficult because many people do not understand that suddenly you are talking about someone’s father, someone’s husband”, he went on to explain.

Similarly, the artist insists that she does not always agree with Meyer’s behavior, but still stands firm in the relationship.

“Sometimes I tell him: ‘I wish you had made another decision and you didn’t. I respect that, try to understandI don’t understand everything he always does, that’s true, but I respect him,” he said.

Camille highlights that the two have had a discussion: (Photo: Sergio Meyer / Instagram)
Camille highlights that the two have had a discussion: (Photo: Sergio Meyer / Instagram)

Faced with these differences of opinion, Camille highlights that the two have discussed:

,Sometimes there are cases, sometimes not, but I give my opinion 100 percent, do not keep silent And I also know that when he wants to take over the boat, he leaves it and it doesn’t worry me, I don’t always need to be the hero of everything”, he deepened.

It all started in late 2020 when Hector “Ann”‘s ex-wife, Ginny Hoffman, and his daughter Alexa gave interviews in which he assures the actor has humiliated for years.

The matter is still unclear, although the actor is still there. Orient prisoner accused of sexually abusing his daughter, both your lawyer and Daniela Parrahas spoken of seeking justice in a case which apparently has legal loopholes.

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Daniela told the media that her father was abducted from his home in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office without notice or an arrest warrant. Hector’s lawyer, Jose Luis Guerrero Mendoza, hinted happy come that the actor did not make himself available to a judge and he could not even immediately confirm that the celebrity had been arrested Eastern Jail.

Sergio Meyer in the company of his wife Isabella Camille (Photo: Karina Hernandez / Infobay)
Sergio Meyer in the company of his wife Isabella Camille (Photo: Karina Hernandez / Infobay)

According to Alexa’s complaint, her father “played roles that were too awkward for her”Such as sleeping next to him in boxers when she was in his underwear, or asking him to let her dry his body himself when she came out of the shower.

As Ginny cited the same publication, during a conversation about Mercury’s sexuality, Alexa confessed that her father had a very strange behavior with her, Between which was touching the wrong way.

Daniela ParraActor Hector ‘N”s daughter files legal claim against Meyer because Meyer allegedly interfered His father’s case with the help of effects pedaling,

About the reasons that started the lawsuit, Sergio Meyer thought and declared in the video happy come, “They only did it, well, to take my time, to fuck**.”

He ended the topic by explaining that the truth always comes out. According to Meyer, if Hector ‘N’ is still in prison, it is for a reason. At the end of the interview, the singer was calm and smiling.

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