Israel and Morocco sign military cooperation agreement

WorldIsrael and Morocco sign military cooperation agreement

  • The two countries signed an intelligence and security cooperation agreement in Rabat

Israel And Morocco take another step and seal a new step military cooperation, Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, has traveled to Rabat this Wednesday to sign a cooperation agreement with his Moroccan counterpart Abdeltif Ludiya. Intelligence, Security and Training,

Today we have taken a historic step,” Gantz said after signing the document. This bridge between Rabat and Tel Aviv also considers opening its doors to Israel arms industry Maghreb countries and that the two regions can work together and cooperate in this area. Morocco and Israel have united thoughtful cooperation in the region, but it was not until this Wednesday that the agreement was formalized in writing.

In addition to working at the military level, this trip was described as a . is marked by strong political charges, since this is the first visit by an Israeli Defense Minister to Moroccan soil, it is also the first time that Israel has signed an agreement on these features with an Arab country, according to a senior official in the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’. According. , During the visit, Gantz wanted to thank the king. Mohammed VI And his counterpart has pledged to “continue to work hand in hand to build more bridges” in “their efforts to expand ties between the two countries”.

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Burita also welcomed Gantz and met with senior officers of the armed forces. This Thursday he is scheduled to visit a Rabat synagogue to meet with the city’s Jewish community before flying to Tel Aviv.

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Second visit of an Israeli minister

With whose mediation did these two countries establish diplomatic relations about a year ago? America within the framework of the Abrahamic Agreement. Morocco opened to Israel in exchange for the recognition by former US President Donald Trump of Moroccan sovereignty of Morocco Occidental Sahara, The person in charge of formalizing this new phase was the head of Israeli diplomacy, yaar lapidi, which starred in the first visit of a senior Israeli representative to Rabat in August.

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This cooperation has already begun to bear fruit, for example, Morocco awarded an exploration contract to an Israeli company in late October discovery of hydrocarbons In the waters of Western Sahara. Apart from this, the airlines of both the countries have also launched direct flights Between Casablanca and Tel Aviv.

Morocco’s relationship with Israel has strained relations with its Maghreb neighbor, which it regards as a threat. Algeria decided to cut bridges with Rabat in August and accused its neighbor of “repeated acts of hostility”. He also blamed his neighbor for this spy mobile phones of Algerian officials and citizens Thanks to Pegasus, Israel’s spy program. The latest disagreement came three weeks ago when Algiers accused Rabat of bombing and killing three Algerian drivers driving their trucks through Western Sahara.

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