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Israel Offers Truce Extension in Exchange for Release of 40 Hostages: Diplomatic Moves in Gaza Corridor

Qatar Acts as Mediator: Israel’s Proposal to Hamas for a Temporary Ceasefire

Israel has reportedly conveyed to Qatar its preparedness to uphold a ceasefire in the Gaza corridor for a minimum of one week. The proposed deal hinges on the release of approximately 40 hostages held by the Palestinian armed group, Hamas, as revealed by the Walla website on the 19th.

Diplomatic Efforts Unfold: High-Level Meetings in Poland Signal Negotiations

According to The Jerusalem Post, senior Israeli officials disclosed that discussions on a new hostage release agreement were initiated with Hamas through Qatar. Key figures, including Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed, the director of Israel’s foreign intelligence agency “Mossad” Baniya, and the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Burns, convened in Warsaw, Poland. Mohammed emphasized Hamas’ condition for resuming negotiations – a cessation of hostilities, while Baniya insisted that the conflict would only conclude when Hamas disarms and surrenders those involved in the October 7 cross-border attack.

Truce Terms and Hostage Release: Israel’s Proposal Aims for Humanitarian Considerations

Senior Israeli officials outlined the proposed plan, presented by Baniya during the meeting. It involves the release of around 40 hostages, prioritizing women, men over 60 years old, and hostages with life-threatening illnesses or severe injuries. Israel expresses its readiness to agree to a temporary ceasefire lasting at least one week in return for this concession. In a previous agreement, Israel had consented to a week-long truce for the release of 80 hostages.

The officials also noted Israel’s willingness to release prisoners with more severe charges than those previously released, asserting that a significant number of such individuals are currently in Israeli prisons. The criteria for release include advanced age or serious illness, aligning with humanitarian standards.

As diplomatic maneuvers unfold, the complex negotiations aim to strike a delicate balance between achieving a temporary truce and addressing the humanitarian aspects of the conflict in the Gaza corridor.

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