ISSSTE pensioners and retirees: on which day they will get the last payment of the year

U.S.A.ISSSTE pensioners and retirees: on which day they will...

People of the Third Age. (Photo: EFE)

Pensioners and retirees of the Social Security and Service Institute for State Employees (ISSSTE) received their first part aguinaldo last 10 November; However, this month they will also submit the last payment of the year.

and that at least 1.2 million people Those in the third age will be able to utilize the resources corresponding to the spread of the month of December.

Your money will be deposited in the bank account provided by the elderly while completing the pension process.

According to the official calendar of the agency, the last payment of the year will be done on the date Tuesday, 30 November.

In this sense, the institute reaffirmed its commitment and guaranteed the process for the benefit of the elderly.

Money Mexico (EFE/Jose Mendez)
Money Mexico (EFE / Jose Mendez)

Similarly, it announced that it would provide care to 13.5 million beneficiaries, as well as provide quality service for 21 insurance, services and benefits.

If there is any doubt or query regarding the payment of pension, the ISSSTE telephone line will be available at telephone no. 55 4000 – 1000.

isti official calendar
isti official calendar

It should be remembered that on November 10, according to ISSSTE, transfers on the collection of the first part of the Christmas bonus were carried out without fail.

This was the first 50% of your Christmas bonus, which can be enjoyed by retirees and pensioners.

And of IMSS?

For their part, four million older adults from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) will be able to make their monthly pension payments from next month.

According to the institute, deposits are made on the first day of every month for the benefit of the elderly.

An elderly woman in the corridor of a warehouse in La Merced market.  (Photo: Karina Hernandez / infobay)
An elderly woman in the corridor of a warehouse in La Merced market. (Photo: Karina Hernandez / infobay)

However, if it is not working, the deposit is done on the last day of the previous month, as mentioned by the agency on its official website.

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In this sense, the payment of benefits will take place on the next Wednesday, December 1. For them this is the last payment of the year.

Meanwhile, those who charge through a retirement fund administrator (previous) or insurance company will be subject to payment terms that these institutions determine.

In case of doubts or clarifications, they may contact the representative of the Institute at the following telephone number: 800 623 2323, option number three “Pensioners”.

To prevent infection amid the strong COVID-19 pandemic, IMSS proposes that older adults consider certain recommendations when going out for their money.

What are the recommendations?

* Withdraw your money on days after payday to avoid rush.

*Follow the health protocols of each banking institution to avoid infection.

* Make purchases with a bank card at authorized establishments.

* Withdraw resources to self-service stores.

* Use online banking services to pay for goods and services.

In case of IMSS pensioners, their Christmas bonus was already paid on 1st November along with their pension.

If in doubt, the pensioner population or their family members can call 800 623 2323 and choose option number 3 “Pensioner,” which may include a Social Security representative.

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