It is difficult for Marcelo Flores to be called up by Mexico for Qatar 2022

U.S.A.It is difficult for Marcelo Flores to be called...

Marcelo Flores scored 2-1 against Brazil for the Mexican U-20 team (Photo: twitter / @miseleccionmx)

Marcelo Floors placeholder imagerelated player armory Developed from England and in the team’s youth categories, recently participated in the Revelations Cup with Mexico under 20 and left good feelings with two goals. After that, the footballer assured that one of his dreams is to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but in Mexican team They see it as complicated.

According to information from the ESPN network, within the technical body gerardo Bye Martino He has a constant overview of youth movements, however, has little chance of being called into a potential World Cup call. Without disclosing the names, the media collected statements from inside TRAI giving reasons.

“They’re putting Flores By 2022 the biggest… maybe the tech body Martino Check it out, but nothing else. In the minor (selection) they don’t want to keep it because they say it is too individualistic, and now it has come to light that it is an incident,” the source said.

He explained that his early stage of development in which he is, both physically and mentally, are the main reasons that make it difficult to call the senior team in Mexico: “You can talk to them and they will tell you they are very individualistic. Then also the man doesn’t understand anything and now it is revealed that they are applying for Major… Don’t Scrub!”, he expressed.

18-year-old Marcelo Flores scored a goal with the Under-20s in Mexico's match against the United States of America's Revelations Cup (Photo: Twitter / @Miseleccionmx)
18-year-old Marcelo Flores scored a goal with the Under-20s in Mexico’s match against the United States of America‘s Revelations Cup (Photo: Twitter / @Miseleccionmx)

Flores is 28 years old and has three nationalities: Canadian, English and Mexican, His position gives him the option of being able to choose which national team to represent. So far Canada and Mexico have shown the most interest. El Trio is the one with the most advanced concrete process, but Marcelo has said that still doesn’t define anything (he hasn’t played with the senior team, so he still qualifies for either team).

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,my dream is to reach senior team, For me I am in the process of moving to sub 20. Whatever comes, I’m ready if they call me, but I’m all 20 now in the process and I’m happy, said the youth and added: “I’m living the moment, but I’m ready for three electionsBut right now I’m fine with Mexico.”

Marcelo’s father gave an interview for Fox Sports in which he said that both England and Canada have already contacted him to invite him to start a process with him. Like his son, he left the decision up to the wind, assuring that making a decision of that magnitude at the age of 18 is complicated.

“Canada and England” They send you invitations over and over againBut no serious steps have been taken. I think it is very unfair for an 18 year old to make a decision at such a young age. For now, we are very pleased with Mexico. I believe at the moment you have to decide that, If a large selection talks to them, that’s where the serious talk begins.“he declared.

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