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It is rumored that the United States has privately offered to help South Korea transfer arms to Ukraine and that the new government is expected to change its stance.

South Korea’s new President Yoon Seok-weh (right) shakes hands with former President Moon Jae-in at the presidential inauguration on 10th.Reuters

South KoreaThe Central Daily exclusively revealed on the 11th that the United States is followingRussiaof life and deathUkrainehas privately asked South Korea to “provide weapons support for the attack” to Ukraine. Considering Russia’s potential opposition, the United States suggested a transfer method, that is, if South Korea agreed to provide Ukraine with weapons of attack, the United States would transfer it to South Korea instead.

According to reports, when US Defense Secretary Austin held Ukraine defense talks with officials from 43 countries in Germany in late April, the US proposed at the time, “If some countries assist Ukraine directly in terms of their relations.” Difficult to understand. Along with Russia, the United States will come forward. Act as a mediator”.

“In addition to this meeting, the United States has privately used diplomatic channels to investigate whether South Korea intends to provide Ukraine with weapons of attack,” an unnamed South Korean government official said. The person said that the administration of former President Moon Jae-in “has a negative attitude toward these proposals from the United States” and that “the United States expects the Eun Seok-yu government, which took office on the 10th, to position to replace.”

The report said the South Korean government had previously insisted on not providing Ukraine with weapons of destruction. However, relevant sources estimate that the South Korea-U.S.-South Korea-U.S.-United Defense Consultative Mechanism (KIDD) meeting to be held on the 21st or 20th Ukraine may be discussed in the summit. month.

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