“It was a chipping”: Claudia Sheinbaum explains the fall of pieces of concrete from the second floor of Peripheral

U.S.A."It was a chipping": Claudia Sheinbaum explains the fall...

After a video went viral on the social network where Van hood and windshield destroyed By large pieces of concrete falling who came out Second floor of the perimeter of Mexico City, Head of Government, between Altavista and Las Flores (South), Claudia Sheinbaum, assured that it was “a peeling”,

fact was reported by a citizen He was riding a motorcycle. And that is, only a few seconds after passing through the area, Many pieces of concrete fell on the truck walking behind him.

“I was coming before him. I mean, it falls on me and kills me. i was just about to die (…) Damn the stone fell on my head and goodbye…. How is it possible that stones are falling from the second floor? (…) the second floor is falling down”, the youth warned in the video.

A citizen, via a video, condemned the fall of large pieces of concrete that fell from the second floor of the Peripheral, causing damage to a truck operating in CDMX between Altavista and Las Flores (Photo: @javr1968)

in the clip, affected motorist noting that rock size, It is possible killed One of the two, apart from the fact that by applying the brakes unexpectedly, it could have caused a car accident, which could have ended in a tragedy.

Claudia Sheinbaum assures that after reporting what happened, she gives instructions to employees ministry of affairs For making section review where the incident took place, but said that no structural damage,

“I instructed @SOBSECDMX staff to go to the area where concrete smudges were reported in the second floor of Periférico Sur. he told me that a There is no chipping and no structural damage to the surface of the girderHe wrote on his Twitter account, retweeting a message from the Ministry of Works, assuring that the repair work of the section would be completed on the same Friday night after review.

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Claudia Sheinbaum's Chipping Stones Peripheral's Second Floor

Following the publication of the president, some users of that social network claimed who would pay for the damages caused to the affected truck and if the second floor of the peripheral has maintenance. The husband of the victim has been identified as @javr1968 Twitter He CDMX government was not responsible for what happened,

Woman's husband condemned as concrete pieces fell on truck, no CDMX authority helped him

According to Royal Spanish Academy, “dislike” It means: “Make a small piece of a layer of plaster, enamel, paint, etc., which covers a surface, such as a wall or a pottery or porcelain object, to pop off.” i.e. when talking a “chipping” it refers to piece of material of the last layer, in this case, of concrete on the second floor of the peripheral.

It should be noted that on 25 July sinkhole More than one meter in diameter and two meters deep on the circumference along the Camino Santa Teresa and Plaza Artez vehicle bridges, also in the Jardins del Pedregal neighborhood, south of Mexico City.

According to some evidence, a private car almost collapsed while driving on high-speed roads.

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