It will take 2 weeks for the factory to restart, and up to 6 weeks for Abbott Milk Powder to be back on the shelves.

Infant formula is out of stock, and the shelves at this Indiana supermarket are nearly empty. (The Associated Press)

The shortage of infant formula has sparked panic among growing-baby people, with the industry hoping to reopen factories in two weeks, but says even if production returns to normal, it will take six weeks for formula products to return. will take eight weeks. on the shelves.

Abbott Laboratories’ Sturgis, Michigan, milk powder plant is currently closed, causing severe shortages of infant formulas including Similac, Elementum and Elecare.

The plant closed in February pending a federal investigation into the deaths of two infants and reports of illness in other babies consuming some infant formula.

Abbott said in a statement that ifFood and Drug Administration,FDA), it can restart the Sturgis factory “within two weeks”; But Abbott said by the time the product hits shelves, it will take at least six weeks before the factory goes online.

It said, “We will begin production of Alicare, Elementum and Metabolic formulas before Similac and other formulas.”

According to retail research firm Datasembly, in the first week of May, the U.S. At grocery stores 43% of the generic formula supply was out of stock. The shortage has prompted Washington to act.

In its latest statement, the FDA said it is expediting the processing of documents for importing products from overseas for faster access to formula, and “the case to allow the sale of life-sustaining products such as specialty A case-by-case discount is also given. The metabolic formula “”.

Abbott also said that there was no evidence that its formula was associated with infantile disease; Although at least one pathogen, Cronobacter sakazaki, was detected in environmental tests associated with childhood illnesses, according to an FDA investigation, the FDA noted that it was “found in a non-product contact area of ​​the facility and not a known infant.” Not linked to disease.”

“In all four cases, the state, the FDA, and the CDC tested samples of subtitter formula used in children,” the FDA said. “In all four cases, all closed containers weretraceThe results were all negative. ,

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