“It’s A Little Dangerous”: From Emparo Griselles in ‘Yo Me Llamo’ to ‘Chamo de las a Thousand Voices’

U.S.A."It's A Little Dangerous": From Emparo Griselles in 'Yo...

From October 26 – Release date ‘My name is’ (2021) – The public has seen the different stages of production. To begin with: auditions and post-filters – consisting of imitators who had two upvotes and one downvote (at the initial audition), so they had to fight for their final place on the reality show in this second filter. , almost like another audition-, later it was time to take another step: already in the galore, 48 participants left everything on the court – as they say colloquially – so that in the production They should last as long as possible.

Now, from Wednesday 17 November to Tuesday 23 of the same month, four contestants per day moved from ‘Yo Me Lamo’ (2021) in this period, resulting in a total of 24 still standing at the stage that is currently developing, for example , ‘The boy of a thousand voices’, among the many artists he could represent, he decided to go the way of imitating Nacho (Venezuelan singer of urban music).

The Nacho impersonator has been so good, which has led to a bigger challenge ahead:

in such a way, In his mock show, he was also Venezuelan in his interpretation of ‘Balamay’., a theme that the original singer released in conjunction with her video clip in April 2017. Before you finish your work, Emparo Grisales – Jury with Yeisón Jiménez (Popular Music Singer) and César Escola (Musician/President) – He had a positive response to his ‘Hedgehog’, however, he did leave a warning message, as the impersonator has managed to capture his talent in this regard so impeccably from the start that maintaining that level will not be an easy thing to do.

“For me I saw you as a great imitator of nacho because he sings very fast, he has very fast phrases, you knew how to manage your wind well, logically you (breathing) Errors in) Saw a little more movement… I think you have a very well armed character and it’s a little dangerous because you have to surprise us every night, because you know not everything goes wellSaid the Manizalian actress.

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Impersonator who was sentenced to remove:

Beyond the fact that the Nacho impersonators developed their respective musical renditions in the Wednesday, November 24 episode, other shows were seen representing Diomedes Díaz (Colombian Valenato singer), who had poor imitation and was sentenced to elimination. was given.

A little about the jury of ‘Yo Me Llamo’ (2021):

Amparo Grisales has a huge acting career, showing his talent in this area in ‘Manuela’ (1975), In fact, in 2015 Manizalena outlined her affection for the production: “‘Manuela’ by Eugenio Díaz Castro! Beautiful character that started my career! There were 450 episodes, I was 17 and I won all the awards!” For those who do not know my career ”, he wrote in the network. Don’t miss ‘The Sins of Ines de Hinojosa’ (1988) or ‘The Mafia Dolls’ (2009). He co-directed with Luis Alfredo Sánchez in 1983 He went on the path of cinema with feature films such as ‘The Virgin and the Photographer’.

for its part, César Escola, in addition to stepping into the artistic base of music, has renderings among his work duties. In later productions such as ‘Snipers’ or ‘Do Re Million’, although he was not the lead presenter, in any case, he was an animator from the music.

For Yassen Jimenez, his work focus is clearly popular music., The last time he made his musical contribution was ‘Just Now’, a song released by Ciro Quinonez in conjunction with his video clip on Thursday, October 14.

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