“It’s a matter for state officials”: Insabi clarifies position of Oaxacan doctors detaining workers in CDMX

U.S.A."It's a matter for state officials": Insabi clarifies position...

Insabi assured that, despite repeated requests, the protesters did not agree to hold a negotiating table (Photo: Courtesy)

On this whole Tuesday, the director of Health Institute for Wellbeing (Insabee), Juan Antonio Ferrer Aguilar, Along with 350 other employees of the agency, They were hosted by about fifty doctors from Oaxaca within the institute’s central facilities in Mexico City.

According to their slogans, they condemned being fired unreasonably, so they went to the capital. start a dialog table Insabi, with the heads of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Social Security and Services Institute for State Workers (ISSSTE), from the early hours of the afternoon.

the agency’s director of social communications, Bertha Alicia Galindo, reported to infobe mexico Member of the Unique Movement of Casual Workers of Oaxaca Health Services (Muteso) They reached the facilities from 1:50 pm onwards. to demand Immediate re-integration of around 1,000 doctors who participated in the first-line cases against COVID-19 in the state of Oaxacan.

However, the federal agency stated through a clear note that it was impossible to carry out this action because This health worker was never hired by it, but by the government of Oaxaca,

The conflict became relevant during the tour of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) through the state, because Muteso’s representatives contacted the President to submit their requests, for which he ordered that the status of his employment be reviewed.

He was called to a dialogue table with the heads of the federal health sector, which Determined whether the worker was IMSS, Issste or Insabi. were not part ofTherefore, the Oaxacan unit had to participate in their restoration.

However, no agreement was reached, so they decided to stand outside the INSABI headquarters because the supposed IMSS, Issste and Insabi on 22 November. A meeting was agreed upon with the directors of, who never knew about such an agreement.

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Despite this, he invited members of Muteso to form a delegation to form a dialogue table. The only condition was that access was issued to allow free passage of people., the question that he did not accept and decided to facilities and take hostages.

During the seven hours they were in, there was an approach by coordination of human resources and personnel regularization of INSABI, but The dialogue option never existed “because the Muteso leaders did not agree to free access to the building”.,

Insabi Juan Ferrer Doctor Oaxaca
Oaxaca’s Health Secretary Juan Carlos Marquez assured the protesting doctors do not represent the state (Photo: Twitter / @CMXNoticias)

9:00 pm, infobe mexico He 100% of the employees had already left the premises, Even then, Only those in managerial positions were still inHopefully they will be able to leave the place in the next few hours.

Later, Insabi reiterated that Claims can only be resolved by the state authorities, However, thanks to a directive from López Obrador, officials from federal health agencies will accompany the process. “We are attentive to the agreements that have been reached”, he sentenced.

during an interview for Millennium TelevisionJuan Carlos Marquez, Health Secretary of Oaxaca, assured that Protesting doctors do not represent the state And explained that he is already working with federal officials to complete the hiring process.

Finally, Mutesso denied that he. Sent The said movement arrived in the nation‘s capital, after several editions spread, to demonstrate Marquez will indicate that with this site they will be able to meet their demands,

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