‘It’s bound to make a difference’ – Gary Neville comments on Tottenham boss Antonio Conte’s future at club amid Paris Saint-Germain rumours

Former Manchester United star Gary Neville believes the exciting atmosphere inside the Tottenham Hotspur stadium must have moved Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) target Antonio Conte. The Italian tactician, who takes charge of Tottenham in November 2021, has been linked with Parisians (via Marca), who appear to want him to replace Mauricio Pochettino.

Tottenham host Arsenal in a north London derby on Thursday night. With fifth-placed Lily White starting the game four points behind the fourth-placed Gunners, they need a positive result to put themselves back in contention for the top four. Spurs put on one of their best performances of the season in front of their supporters with a huge 3-0 victory and are within Arsenal’s points range with two games remaining move.

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After the game, Gary Neville speculated on Conte’s future, saying the Premier League was the best league for the elite coach to prove his quality. Speaking to Sky Sports, he said:

“How is Conte at the end of the season? Tonight, there won’t be too many European clubs for Conte to go to. This is the current league. Four or five years ago, when it wasn’t doing well in Europe, I’ve always been adamant about this league. Criticism, but at this moment, it’s a great league with a great manager. That’s where I think you want to be a manager to show yourself.”

Neville went on to praise Tottenham’s supporters for creating an inspiring atmosphere, and speculates this will have an impact on the Italian.

The British added:

“In fact, what he saw tonight was special. In fact, what he saw tonight was special. That atmosphere, I haven’t seen this season in stadiums in this country. I think it’s me One of the highest standards of the Premier League I’ve ever seen, if not the highest, that’s a pretty high compliment.”

Neville continued:

“I think for Conte it’s important tonight. Champions League? It’s okay, he stayed. The only problem is he wants to be in the Champions League, he needs to be in the Champions League. So, I do think it’s a big night “But whether they get to the Champions League or not, it definitely has an impact on Conte. I know he’s very ruthless about where he wants to go and what he wants to do. But it definitely has an impact on him.”

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte’s offer to Paris Saint-Germain seems illogical

According to Le Parisien (via Marca), Conte has “offered Paris Saint-Germain a two-year contract”. With Spurs still firmly in the top four of the Premier League, it seems illogical for the manager to make such a drastic decision.

Also, as Neville points out, the Premier League is now the hottest destination for football minds, and no other league has so many capable managers. Sure, Conte might have been easier to win trophies at Paris Saint-Germain, but there may not be a compelling enough reason for him to leave Tottenham.

For now, Antonio Conte is out of a deal with Paris Saint-Germain. That would please Sergio Ramos, who has reportedly opposed Conte joining Real Madrid in the past. https://t.co/lW8sHytjIA

The report further adds that Tottenham and Paris Saint-Germain could also consider a swap deal, with Mauricio Pochettino returning to his old home. Even so, there is no reason for Tottenham to give up their title-winning manager in multiple leagues. Paris Saint-Germain is likely to part ways with Pochettino at the end of the season, but Conte is unlikely to be the candidate to replace him.

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