Jamaica Villegas, Mexican footballer who allowed his country to run out of nostalgia

U.S.A.Jamaica Villegas, Mexican footballer who allowed his country to...

Jose Villegas Tavares is responsible for baptizing the “Jamaican” syndrome, when a Mexican feels nostalgic away from the country (Photo: Twitter / @RojoyBlanco1906)

NS escort There is a feature very present in most people who grew up in mexico, It has appeared among people as well as from the place of origin and when any of these elements are distant, it is almost impossible to avoid. nostalgia feeling,

so happened Jose Villegas Tavares, a historical and reference Mexican defender who He lost all his qualities when he was away from his country and named the popular syndrome Jamaica Villegas.

Surname Jamaica He was with Villegas Tavares almost from the beginning of his life. When he went to work, the feeling of nostalgia caused by his mother’s departure caused him to cry. in that sense, His acquaintances used the famous word to name him And don’t use its synonym to refer to it as a . Was husky boy, Despite this, his innate talent for football attracted the attention of locals and strangers in his native Jalisco.

growing up, Tried his luck with Imperio Club and La Piedado, but zero economic retaliation forced him to look for work to support himself. They found a place in a textile industry based in the capital of Jalisco, where they weaved and made essential supplies. However, to that point The directors of Club Deportivo Guadalajara took part in persuading him to join their ranks. as a professional in lieu of salary of MXN 250 of time This is where his success story started.

Villegas collected around 17 trophies with Guadalajara Sports Club (Photo: Twitter / @chivas)
Villegas collected around 17 trophies with Guadalajara Sports Club (Photo: Twitter / @chivas)

His talent as a winger was undeniable. Thank you for its merits, Manuel Francisco dos Santos managed to stop the historic forward garrincha, so it caught the attention of national coaches. It was with the tricolor combo where experienced some of the most severe bouts of homesickness and gave rise to the syndrome Jamaica Villegas.

before the world cup Sweden 1958, The Mexican Soccer Federation organized a friendly tour of Canada and Portugal. While they were in Lisbon, the players were invited to a special dinner to promote group unity and collective spirit. Even then, dance trails, who was in charge, exercised the technical direction of the joint, He noted that only Jose Villegas was absent from the gala.

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According to journalist Carlos Calderón, the helmsman began Watch your player around the facilities of the campus where they were staying. A few minutes later he found her walking in a garden. As he approached, he asked him if he would not attend dinner with the rest of the team, to which the man from Guadalajara replied: “How am I going to eat dinner if they have a broken dinner ready? All I want is my boats, some good soap and they ain’t shit they’re not even from Mexico”.

NS "Jamaica" Villegas has been honored for his broad relevance to the club's history (Photo: Twitter / @Amauryvz)
“Jamaica” Villegas has been honored for his wide-ranging relevance to the club’s history (Photo: Twitter / @amaurievz)

The curious anecdote was not the only one in which Villegas demonstrated his extreme affection for Mexico while on tour with the national team. In fact, his strange style crossed the pitch, where a sharp drop in their general performance led Mexico to victory against the England team.

The chapter happened during preparation Towards the 1962 World Cup in Chile, On that occasion, believing in Villegas’ enormous potential at the rear, Trells decided to rest the team. Parrot Carbajal in the arch. However, the inexperience of the second goalkeeper, Tweety fat, and nostalgic Jamaica, favored the English team to secure an eight-goal victory against Zero,

After some time, questioning the decline in the level of his playing, the footballer said that “He remembered his mother, who had not had birria for many days, and that life would not have been life if it had not been in his land.”, This is why when a Mexican feels a lump in his throat remembering his native place abroad and his family, it is said that he is suffering from the syndrome. Jamaica Villegas.

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