Jameela Dahabreh represents Peru at a fashion event in Dubai and Magali Medina is outraged: “She is not known here”

U.S.A.Jameela Dahabreh represents Peru at a fashion event in...

The Peruvian model traveled abroad on behalf of Peru. (Photo: Rachna)

Peru model Jameela Dahabreh I traveled to Dubai from Peru expo fair dubai 2020, According to Magali Medina, his fashion company will only have two months on the market, so it will not be a worthy representative of the country abroad.

during a report of Magali TV, La Firme, Two prominent Peruvian designers criticized Jamila’s appearance at such an important international event.

,I believe that Peru deserves another kind of job to present itself, there could have been a better criterion to send someone else and not something so hollow.”, commented Meche Korea.

“As a designer we don’t figure it out, We’re Baffled Because They Are Sexy Medium Suits Too And This Man Doesn’t Talk To You About Peruvian Culture,added.

On the other hand, Jorge Luis Salinas, a national designer who was invited to New York Fashion Week, criticized Jameela’s collection inspired by Andean clothing, called Mune.

“There is so much diversity in the country that you can turn a folktale into something modern, which you have to show, not just a print. There you can see the talent of each individual. (…) I see that He uses silk, although it is true that it has a pattern of a Peruvian loom, which is not enough. Cotton is what has to be carried to Peru”, Held.

But how did Jamila Dahabreh come to represent Peru overseas? According to the model, she applied in a call that provided this opportunity to micro entrepreneurs, for which she was selected to travel to Dubai.

In this regard, Magali was angered by the selection of the Medina model and questioned Prompera when to choose her. “There is no design work, nor work by Peruvian craftsmen, nor creativity”,

,What about PromPer? There are many good designers here. Why are you not representing us at Expo Dubai? There are designers who have a lot of experience and have received more awards throughout their careers (…) What was the selection criteria? Here it is not known that you have a clothing store it does not mean that you are a designer,, he lashed out at his show schedule.

prompt answer

PromPerú’s head of communications, Victor Urkiaga, commented that she does not have a “business tie-up” with Jameela Dahabreh, so she will not be selling her clothing collection in Dubai.

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“She’s a person who arrived and walked through the pavilion, like so many other people, if she identifies as Peruvian. As far as we have seen, Mrs Jameela is not here as there is no such business hours in Dubai at the moment, commented.

This reaction left ‘Urraca’ confused, given that Jameela shared her stand with the Peruvian flag at the international event on social media.

“She is inside the pavilion with her clothes on, as if she were there. How is this justified? In other words, if you go in with your clothes in your suitcase, you sign up and say you’re going to visit the pavilion, and can you now be like the peddlers and sell them Can you take out all your rags? I don’t understand what PromPerú’s communication manager means”The driver pointed.

Jameela Dahabreh and her new outgoing

After lvaro Paz de la Barra denied any relationship with the model, Jameela Dahabreh decided to turn the page with the help of the 24-year-old, with whom she was caught kissing by Magali Medina’s cameras.

Who will be your new outgoing? As Magaly TeVe: La Firme reports, Piero Francisco Granda Chávez is the general manager of two companies, in addition to owning a property located in Cerros de Camacho in Santiago de Surco.

The program also noted that in 2018 he starred in a police chase while he was driving a truck while intoxicated. So his driver’s license was revoked forever. In the same year, the young man was interred for acts of vandalism in a shopping center in La Molina. It does not stop here, as his neighbors also condemned him for spoiling him.

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