Jamie Carragher Regrets Ever Underestimating Aaron Ramsdale

SportsJamie Carragher Regrets Ever Underestimating Aaron Ramsdale

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LIVERPOOL – Legend Liverpool , Jamie Carragher, had to lick his own spit after commenting on Aaron Ramsdale. At that time Carragher assessed Arsenal spent a lot of money to bring in Ramsdale.

As is known, Arsenal poured money worth 24 million pounds or equivalent to Rp474 billion to bring Ramsdale from Sheffield at the start of this season. Since his arrival at the Gunners, many people have considered Ramsdale a bad buy for Mikel Arteta.

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The same thing was done by Charger, he considered Arsenal already had Bernd Leno and the purchase of Ramsdale was a waste. But he admitted he was wrong, used to look down on the rising England goalkeeper.

However, all of Carragher’s assessment of Ramsdale is contradictory. Because Ramsdale suddenly transformed into a mainstay under Arsenal’s crossbar shifting Leno thanks to his recent sensational appearance.

In fact, Ramsdale has been revealed by manager Gareth Southgate as a starter when the England national team demolished San Marino 10-0. Carragher admitted he was wrong, had discredited Ramsdale and did not hesitate to admit his mistakes.

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“Since I became a pundit, I’m probably not the most popular person among Arsenal fans because they’ve always been really poor,” Carragher said. Triball Football, Friday (11/19/2021).

“It’s the first time I feel almost excited because while I don’t think Arsenal can compete with the top teams, but when you have young players you feel like you can get behind them and almost accept performances and results at any given time because of the age of the players. ,” he said.

Carragher said that at this time Arsenal had found a team cohesiveness after a poor start to the season. He explained the error in criticizing players but regarding Arsenal goalkeeper, Carragher did not know where he went wrong.

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