Janfry, the Chocoano boy who has a tendency in social networks for his charisma and security

U.S.A.Janfry, the Chocoano boy who has a tendency in...

Just 30 seconds was enough time for Janfry to become a celebrity on the social network. Due to his immaculate uniform, a small backpack and his special style of walking, the minor of about three or four years fell in love with more than one person.

Janfree is a Chocoano boy who starred in a TikTok video that quickly went viral on him and other social networks. In the clip, the minor is seen lifting his forehead and walking straight in a straight line.

Well, the way he walks and the confidence with which he speaks impressed many after watching the video.

“Janfree, why are you all handsome men walking like this,” asks who is walking when the minor is walking, To which the little boy confidently replies that he walks like a man.

The boy’s video has garnered over 2.5 million views on TikTok and is a trend on Twitter Colombia.

According to Noticias Caracol, the child appears to be a native of the Isthmina municipality located in Chocó. Medium also revealed that the person filming the minor is his uncle Bernardo Andrés Diaz.

But it is not a new thing for a child to become famous on social media. Thanks to social networks, charisma, ingenuity, creativity and mischief have inspired many minors to go viral on digital platforms.

This is the case with Francesa Miranda, a girl just six years old, originally from Bucaramanga, who became a celebrity on TikTok for her interpretation of various Colombian characters.

More than a million people follow him on social networks

Apparently in the midst of the confinement that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, Francessa Miranda, as she is known on social media, and her parents decided to start doing TikTok for fun.

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Something that started out as a game that lured thousands and thousands of people into the charm of a girl who interprets in a particular way. Sketches by Colombian comedian Peter Albero.

“Someone asked us to make an account that is public so that everyone can access and at that point it overflows”The minor’s mother told Semana when the magazine reported on the Tiktok star.

french miranda

The magazine lists Francesa Miranda’s best videos:

– Advise where you’re supposed to be: In this video, French explains a part of ‘La Bola de Letras’, where comedian Andrés López stars as a mother who worries about the city’s insecurities And warns her children not to go out. ,

-In another video titled: Like when you take her to the movies, the girl imitates a comedian narrating the situations when they take their partner to the movies.

-Hassam’s special: With the same outfit as the character, Francesa Miranda plays comedian Hassam in one of her presentations about tattoos.

What is striking is not only his extraordinary ability to learn the dialogues of each video, But their physical expression while interpreting each character.

“It’s impressive how he communicates without speaking with his face”, “I like the expressions of his body, he is as fabulous as his younger brother”, are some of the comments that network users left in the girl’s publications. Huh.

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