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Jay Chow’s new song pays tribute to 9 big artists, fans can’t even read MV with a smile

chinese kingJay ChouAfter 6 years, the new album was released. On 6th, “The Greatest Work” was first released, and it became a hot topic in an instant. The new song crossed 15.68 million in less than an hour after its release, perfectly showcasing Jai Chou’s influence on the Chinese music scene.

“Monet, Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse, and Xue Zimo …, netizens laughed and said, “If you don’t read some books, you can’t even read Jay Chow’s MV now…”; some netizens also stated that the song is MV Jay Chow’s version of “Midnight in Paris”, because theseMoviesLike Jay Chow, the protagonist “travels” back to that era and meets a group of celebrities, writers, and artists.

“Magic” is one of Jay Chow’s favorite moves. In MV, he changed the red ball on the Joker’s nose to orange, and the orange to Magritte’s blueApple, René Margrethe was the most important Surrealist painter in Belgium. In his “Son of Men” painting, it depicts a man in a bowler hat and a suit, his face largely covered with a green apple.

The “upturned beard” is a symbol of Dali, a Spanish surrealist painting master. In the MV, Jay Chow used a curved spoon and a clock to pay homage to Dalí’s work “The Eternity of Memory”.

Lang Lang Jae Chow’s new songs appeared in MV Daukin. (courtesy from youtube)

The song “On a single branch can grow flowers is what Sanyu wants” refers to a Chinese artist living in France who died in Paris in 1966 due to a gas leak. For bonsai in MV, the related task should be “Xu Rui Ying Xin”. Sanyu’s representative work “Nude Girl with Curved Legs” is quite famous. In 2019, it was sold for HK$198 million at Sotheby’s Modern Art Auction in Hong Kong. Kong, but in reality, Sanyu prefers to give the pictures to Bole rather than sell them, which is also featured in the MV plot.

Jay Chow’s song “Sunrise in Port of Impression Wake Up Sleeping Flowers and Leaves”, which corresponds to two paintings by French Impressionist painter Monet, “Sunrise Impressions” and “Water Lilies”. Jai Chow arranged a bridge section in which a colorful lotus flower is transformed from a lotus flower in MV.

“The Scream” also includes paintings by French artist Matisse and Norwegian painter Munch. Among them, Munch’s “The Scream”, which shows a worried face under the blood-red sky of Oslo Fjord, is his most famous work. The first edition was created in 1893, and Munch painted four different versions.

Dutch Impressionist painter Van Gogh also appeared in the song, “Let Van Gogh ignite the night under the starry sky”, which corresponds to the world famous painting “Starry Sky”.

The famous Chinese poet Xu Zhimo also “accidentally” appeared in Jay Chou’s new song MV. Zhu Zimo’s name and work appear in several songs. For example, in the songs, “Cambridge”, “Walking Hand” and “Saying Goodbye to the Clouds” are consistent with their classic “Farewell to Cambridge”; “Accidental” refers to his poem “Accidental”, which Chen Qiuxia once wrote compose music sung by many people.

Jay Chow self-directed and starred in the new MV “The Greatest Work”, incarnated as a time traveler and returned to the 1920s to meet famous artists. The MV also pays homage to the time-space jumping plot of the film “The Secret That Can Be Said”, and also invites Chinese pianist Lang Lang to join the ranks of fighting pianos to add color to the MV.

Source: YouTube


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