Jimmy Butler sends Joel Embiid classy message that will anger 76ers fans

With Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers season once again wrapping up, one of their former players, Jimmy Butler, and his Miami Heat are heading to the Eastern Conference finals.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler told Joel Embiid “he loves him, he’s proud of him” after beating the Philadelphia 76ers to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Butler and Embiid were short-lived teammates in Philadelphia. Ultimately, the Sixers brass did what always seemed to do best and made the wrong call. Three years ago, the previous management decided to keep Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons at Butler. Butler has now led the Heat to the Western Conference finals twice. Harris has been different since then. And then there’s Simmons…

It may not be football season yet, but after hearing what Butler had to say about his former team and teammates, expect the whole of Philadelphia to go wild.

Philadelphia 76ers fans are reminded they can still have Jimmy Butler

It’s been two years since the Atlanta Hawks eliminated the 76ers in the same Eastern Conference semifinals two playoffs ago. While Simmons has never played another game for them or either team, 76ers fans have to wonder if this team has Embiid and James Harden as stars and Rivers’ situation reached a certain upper limit.

Butler has always played with great courage since he played at Marquette University and the Chicago Bulls. He has that mental toughness and that dog inside him that will make him a Philadelphia fan favorite for years. Instead, management decided to opt for an overpaid No. 3 option on Harris’ wing and an entirely unreliable player on Simmons.

This is Embiid’s team, with Harden and Tyrese Maxey backing him right now. However, one has to wonder if the Sixers built around Embiid and Butler will be enough to push Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks in the current Eastern Conference. Miami probably will, as they will face the Bucks or Boston Celtics in the next round.

Totally tearing down the studs and one playoff failure after another must have gotten so old.


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