Joe Biden wants to run for re-election as US President

WorldJoe Biden wants to run for re-election as US...

  • Democrats with 82 years will reach the next elections in the North American country

President of the United States of America, Joe Biden intends to run for re-election In 2024, as confirmed in a press conference by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. The statement comes after a series of information published by the newspaper Politico last week listed a series of Democrats who would run as candidates for the formation at the event. Biden steps aside, Thereafter, the president contacted members of his closest circle, including advisers, to reassure him of his intention to run for a second term. “That’s his intention,” said Saki.

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At the time of these future elections, Biden will be 82 at the start of his potential term, although he already holds the record for being the oldest president at the time of his inauguration in January this year. Biden defines himself as a transitional figure within the Democratic Party, but as a great alternative to ousting then-President Donald Trump from the Oval Office, recalls the newspaper ‘The Hill’.

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