Johanna San Miguel assured that she was unaware of Patricio and Luciana’s romance: “I have never seen them hug”.

U.S.A.Johanna San Miguel assured that she was unaware of...

Johanna San Miguel assured that she was unaware of the romance between Patricio and Luciana. (Photo: Instagram and TikTok)

Although rumors of a relationship between Patricio Parody and Luciana Fuster were born in the same it’s warThe host of Reality, Johanna San Miguel, explained that she didn’t know anything, as she never noticed anything strange among her team’s competitors.

In a recent interview with the show You’re All In, the popular ‘Mama Lioness’ commented that she doesn’t know if her contestants are in love or have decided to start some kind of romantic relationship.

Mandros ‘bump’, going through Johanna San MigueloShe wanted to know if she was aware of this relationship, as she lives with Patricio and Luciana on a daily basis as part of their team, but the answer she received was completely negative.

,Look, I’ll be very honest with you. The truth is that I don’t know whether he is in love or not in love whether he is with her or not. I, personally, have never seen them hug,, said.

as you remember, Patrick Parody And Louisiana Fuster They remained romantically linked for several weeks, most notably after creating the kissing scene at La Accademia, this was due to him being an actor without them.

It was not until Magali Medina defended them that it was confirmed that the rumors were real, and the couple were caught kissing in a house they rented next to some friends in Paracas. Had taken.

Joke With Patricio Parody’s Singles

In the latest edition of En Boca de Todos, the actress Johanna San Miguelo She was a guest in a fun question-and-answer sequence for her recent birthday celebration on Sunday, November 14.

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The host of Esto es Guerra had to answer various questions that Maju Mantilla asked him about the members of the competition reality show. One of them was in relation to the Patricio parody and his recent amp where he is seen kissing with Luciana Fuster.

“Just the “duck” which now gives a lot to talk about. Johanna for you, Patricio parody must be in “EEG’s Distinguished Bachelor”, yes or no?,Maju Mantila said.

Quickly, the comedian got some laughs and asked to stop including the model in the contest list. Let us tell you that this contest is organized by the program En Boca de Todos to find the most wanted person in the reality show of America TV.

,The coveted Bachelor Patrick? they are clueless please get the boy out of there,Johanna caused laughter from all the drivers.

“I can’t get into my boys’ private lives but single is a word that’s too big for him, Nor can we say committed because as long as they feel like saying something, I cannot kill others., he sentenced.

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