John Eastman urges Pennsylvania legislators to veto Biden’s vote

“Honestly, Trump’s legal team has done poorly in the PA investigation, failed to provide witness affidavits and made a clear mistake in claiming that more ballots were returned by mail,” he wrote.

December 13, the day all 50 states will vote in the Electoral College, Mr. Eastman again urged Mr Diamond to adhere to plans to compile a list of voters to replace him in Pennsylvania.

“Voters must meet,” Mr Eastman wrote to the MP. “Then, if the legislature has some courage and (politically) sufficient evidence to change the election results of fraud and / or invalid ballots, those electoral votes will be available for legislative verification.”

In an email, mr. Diamond introduces Mr. Eastman to the majority leader of the state Republican House, Mr. Eastman “took me to use my complete disqualification from the presidential election (retailing without ‘evidence’ ‘voter fraud’) to show our ability.,

Eastman’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

In a brief interview on Tuesday, Diamond said he first learned about Eastman and his theories that state lawmakers were trying to influence the election when a lawyer testified before the Georgia legislature in early December 2020. Time.

When Mr. Diamond began communicating with Mr. Eastman about the election results in Pennsylvania, he said he thought Mr. Eastman was just a law professor and did not know he was involved in the Trump campaign. Mr Diamond said Mr Biden had never considered canceling mail-in ballots, although Pennsylvania Republicans had tried various means to fight the election result, including lawsuits. , Appeal to members of Congress and forensic investigation.

In response to a request for public information, the University Mr. Eastman published more than 700 emails and other documents to The New York Times. The documents were previously issued to the Colorado Ethics Institute and previously reported by the Denver Post and Politico.

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