John Leo, a columnist who targeted liberals, has died at the age of 86

As a US News and World Report columnist in the late 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Leo played the lead role. Today’s problems.

He is not a resistance – for example, although he supports gay rights, many conservatives still promote homosexuality. He seeks to weaken Western theories and expand the range of “research” programs – disability studies, cultural studies – to point the finger at the excesses at the university’s humanities departments that describe them as absurd and dangerous.

He has one eye on campus and another eye on pop culture and he sees it as its corruption in corporate greed service. In the mid-1990s, he met with other conservatives, such as former education secretary William J. Bennett joins Time Warner as lead producer of rapist rap calls for Interoscope Records. Due to their pressure, Time Warner sold its stake in InterScope in 1995.

But unlike his fighting comrades, Mr. Leo is a witty writer who is completely devoid of a blue nose. He laughed to himself and his wisdom lightened. He emphasized that his favorite painter was Sherwin Williams. He named his first book, How the Russian Involved Baseball and Other Enlightenment Sports, published in 1989.

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Journalist Dennis Duggan wrote in the Newsday in 1990, “Leo is as ridiculous as actor and writer Frank McCourt.” When they open, it is almost always there. Works like chocolate sauce on spaghetti.

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John Patrick Leo was born on June 16, 1935, in Hoboken, New Jersey – Bloomsday, he likes to refer to – and grew up in nearby Teeneck. His father, Maurice Leo, designed kitchen and hospital appliances, and his mother, Mary (Trincelita) Leo, was a housewife.

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