Johnny Depp rumored to be pessimistic about trial ‘difficult to prove Amber’s malicious slander’

Johnny Depp is still garnering mainstream public support, but remains pessimistic about the outcome of the trial. (European news agency)

The $50 million defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has now entered the adjournment phase. Both sides are preparing for the next wave of evidence and witnesses in court next week. It has been reported that Johnny Depp will travel to Europe during this period to meet with him. Friends play guitar and relax. “Johnny enjoys a hard work vacation in Europe, hanging out with his old friends, and strolling through the countryside.” However, another source reported that Johnny’s trial is very concerned about the outcome of the trial, and believes that the chances of winning are still very low.

,Washington Post“Told that the use of mediacaliforniaEminent lawyer Mitra Ahorian noted that the chances of success in defamation cases against celebrities are not high. “With the First Amendment, it guarantees that we can discuss issues of public concern, which of course include the lives of celebrities.” Johnny Depp’s legal team knows this all too well. After all, their lawsuit is based primarily on Amber Heard’s words over the years, indicating that Johnny Depp has treated her well.domestic violencecompletely ruined Johnny’s job opportunities, in fact, Johnny even revealed that he knew the matter, “It is very difficult to prove that Amber is actually full of premeditated malice, it is very difficult.” “But everything will have to wait for the outcome of the court hearing next week to reveal the light.”

However, other netizens found that from the testimony of Johnny and Amber, they felt that the former couple hurt each other and were not completely innocent. Although Johnny clearly currently has the upper hand in terms of public opinion, the outcome is hard to tell how.

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