Johnson & Johnson: relations between the international community and Putin do not expect normalization

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Associated Press

British Prime Minister Johnson said today,RussiaattackUkraineAfter that, they don’t think the international community belongs to the Russian President.PutinRelationships can be normalized.

In an interview with LBC Radio, Boris Johnson was asked whether Vladimir Putin regretted whether he would be accepted back on the world stage, Johnson replied: “For Putin, it would be very difficult to express remorse right now. . . . . I think nothing is impossible, but I can’t really imagine how we can normalize our relationship with Putin today.”

Johnson also said the world could repeat the mistakes of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, Reuters reported. Crimea was originally a territory of Ukraine.

“The world basically said, ‘This is bad, we condemned it, we condemned it, and we did it. We did it,’ Johnson was quoted as saying by the London Broadcasting Corporation.

“But at the same time, we were in talks with him to some degree to find a way out. And Putin basically used that to launch further attacks on Ukraine.”

“If Ukraine had any sort of deal with Putin now, it could have done exactly that, and they know it,” Johnson said. “So in short, there would be no generalization[पुतिन के साथ]And the UK position is very clear about that. ,

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