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“Joker 2” poster officially revealed, super surprise and good news

“Joker”, which rocketed to critical and box office heights in 2019, will finally get a sequel later this year.oscarActor Joaquin Phoenix has once again returned to play the role of “Joker” Arthur.Devi KakaShe will also play the character of “Harley Quinn” Harley Quinn. A new poster was officially released yesterday. The official Chinese title of the film was confirmed to be “Joker: Double Madness”. Warner Bros., the film’s producer, wrote the subtitle “The World Is”. A Stage” on their Taiwanese fan page, and it was announced that the Taiwan release date would be October 2, and the trailer would be officially released on April 9.

“Joker: Double Madness” is currently top secret. The outside world only knew that the cost of this sequel had increased from US$60 million for the first episode to nearly US$200 million. It is not clear what the contents are. According to the report of the heavyweight entertainment publication “Variety News”, an insider said that much of the second episode of “Joker” will be a “karaoke musical”, similar to “Moulin Rouge” or “Mamma Mia!” Will be similar to. Many of the songs in the film are already known to the audience. They are all familiar, but will be rearranged and strung together for display. How many original new songs there are is still a mystery.

“Joker: Double Madness” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga will be officially released later this year. (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)



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