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Josh Donaldson battles ChiSox’s Tim Anderson for third place

CHICAGO — Josh Donaldson isn’t winning any popularity contests here. Yankees third baseman and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson entered it after a physical game at third base in the first inning of the Yankees’ guaranteed 10-4 win.

In the first inning of the Yankees’ poor defense, Gerrit Cole’s base was one out. The White Sox shortstop jumped back to third base on a catch attempt when Donaldson’s tag was hard and pushed him out of the bag. Anderson gave Donaldson a putt as he stood up after he was ruled safe by third base umpire Chris Gucione. “We had a chance to get a pick there, and I think we’re going to get him,” Donaldson said. “It’s a baseball game, to make a tag, I leaned a little on him, not on purpose, but to make a tag. Obviously, he didn’t like that.

“Competitive guys, two guys competing, trying to have a game out there,” Donaldson continued. “We didn’t make it, but … Kerr got us out of the game.”

Guccione quickly walked between them, but the bench was empty and the bullpen was empty, and they had a few minutes to stand around, staring angrily at each other.

“Gucione said you pushed him off the base, and I said I think you were right. I did. I think Tim might have said something. I don’t know,” Donaldson said. “But I think Chris made the right decision, if he did leave the base. I don’t know if he did. I don’t know if we were trying to have a play.”

The White Sox were unhappy with Donaldson last season, which may have been a factor.

“I don’t know. You have to ask them. At the end of the day, I’m trying to get a baseball player to contribute to our team,” Donaldson said. “That’s all I can do.”

Last year Donaldson allegedly said “hands no more sticky?” home run against Lucas Giolito. That’s about MLB’s crackdown on illegal sticky substances used by pitchers. Donaldson also called out Gerrit Cole.

“He’s vermin. It’s a classless move. If you’re going to talk to me, talk to my face,” Giolito said at the time.

Hicks Breakthrough

Aaron Hicks needs one. The Yankees midfielder struggled on Friday night, going 2-for-30 from the field. In his first at-bat of the night, Hicks doubled and teeed off in the Yankees’ guaranteed 10-4 win over the White Sox.

It was Hicks’ first extra hit since the April 12 Japanese run. He finished the night 1-of-4 from the field.

Hicks found himself hitting the ball in an unfamiliar place. He was dropped to No. 9 in the lineup. Hicks hasn’t been at the bottom of the starting lineup since 2017.

Aaron Boone said it’s not about punishing or reducing pressure on the struggling outfielder. Instead, he sees his on-base percentage as something they can take advantage of when he discovers his strength. Hicks leads the league in walk rate at 18 percent.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said before Friday: “One of the things that Aaron is doing really well right now is still hitting the base and having that hit on the ninth hole is something that I value and can serve as a player. Double lead batsman.” The game of the night. “He can get on base tonight in front of the guys in our midst, Judges, Donaldson and Stanton, so I’m really serious about it…while he’s kind of finding his way now, his ability is still there season to date. I think It’s valuable.”

In his previous 10 games, the center fielder was 2-for-30 or .067/.263/.067. Overall, he hit 0.215/.364/.253 with an OPS of 0.617, the second-lowest of his career.

hello again

After starting only in the minors, Clark Schmidt returned to the Yankees on Friday. The right-handed pitcher took the spot on the left after the Yankees selected spot starter Louis Gill back to Triple-A.

Schmidt started the season with the Yankees, making four appearances with eight strikeouts in 8.1 innings with a 1.08 ERA. He was sent to Triple-A on May 1 when the roster was reduced from 28 to 26. The plan at the time was to make him a starter.

He ran 2.1 innings and had two runs on three hits. In his only start, he took two steps and struck out.

“I mean, it’s tough. It’s a bit of a context change. But yeah, getting my pitch counts good. That was my main goal of going there, to build up that pitch count in the beginning,” Schmidt said. “So I did like to be close to 50 (pitching) last time I started, so I mean, I’m going to assume I can provide about 70 or 80 when I need it. So yeah, it’s pretty good to be able to put it in there. .”

Gill gave the Yankees four innings Thursday night, but the Bombers had to send him back to replenish their bullpen with Schmidt.

“He still has some length, not a full starter, but he’s someone who can give us some innings in the bullpen,” Boone said. “When he was here and on his outings, he threw really good balls for us, so when we went to him, he was the guy and we had a lot of confidence in him and liked what he’s been doing this season. “


Ben Rottwitt, the Yankees’ receiver from the Twins, has been suspended with a knee problem. They’re trying to figure out what it is, Boone said.

“We kind of wanted to wrap our heads around, so he just got caught the other day and then the knee kind of grabbed him,” Boone said. “So we’ll have to wait and see,” said Boone, who hopes testing will be completed soon.

Rottwitt just got back on the court after missing most of spring training with a diagonal strain that the Yankees knew he had when they acquired him in a trade that sent Gary Sanchez and Giorgio Urciela to the Twins Team and brought back Isaiah Kinabalu, Josh Donaldson and Rottwitt.

The Yankees valued the young receiver very much, and he was considered a great receiver. When his recovery from an oblique injury was slow, the Yankees went out and traded Jose Trevino. So Rottwitt is clearly not taking into account the current major league picture.

“Obviously we’re in very good shape right now, we’re in very good shape,” Boone said. “But, we’re still very excited about him and what he’s bringing. So we’ve got to get him right now and feel in the At some point he will play for us.”


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