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Joy Yung eats pig food, Wang Jiar eats poop… and the actors drink pee all night long for the show

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Joy Yung has developed in the mainland in recent years. She not only participated in the recording of the program “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, but also appeared in the mainland variety show “Mu Family”. In the latest episode she cooks breakfast for the little pig and eats the same portion with the pig, which looks quite funny, which leads to discussion.


Joy Yung is on the showChinese Super LeagueSeriously prepared pig food for pigs, put “water flour” in the electric pot to cook, and said, “Actually, humans can eat these, right? It sounds delicious!” Finally, she couldn’t help but take a few bites, she asked the program unit: “I think it’s edible!” She was quite satisfied with the taste, and “licked her tongue” and closed her eyes to enjoy: “This seems to be my favorite breakfast cereal.”

In fact, many actors have experienced eating special food while participating in reality variety shows. In 2016, Zi Tianhua participated in the mainland reality show “Follow Bell on an Adventure” to challenge survival in the wild. Ji also had to drink his own urine throughout the night, although adding water was still a big challenge, Zi Tianhua said at the time: “Because there is no choice, we have to face it, although it’s disgusting, but It can’t be avoided, so I’ll sort it out.”

In 2016, at the mainland event “College Students Are Coming” organized by Tao Jingying, the production unit prepared “feces” of bats, rabbits and silkworms for Wang Jiar, a member of the Korean boy group GOT7, to taste. Wang Jiere ate without changing his face, and let the scene scream over and over. However, the program later stated that the feces had been processed by an old Chinese medicine practitioner and were Chinese herbal medicines, but the prototype of the food was still feces.



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