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Judge plans to order New York City Council to review education budget

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Manhattan State Superior Court suspends the city on the 4theducation bureaucut public schoolsbudgetThe decision was heard, and the plaintiff’s teachers and parent groups had a heated argument with the defendant city government. After hearing the judge, the judge said they planned to overturn the city government’s education budget proposal and called it Planned to return to the city council again. -examination.voteVoting, the final verdict will be pronounced today (5).


A proposal to cut education funding by 215 million yuan, proposed by Mayor Eric Adams and approved by the city council in early June, was recently brought to court by the city teachers’ union (UFT) and parents. Let’s see if it’s possible to reverse that, according to an analysis by education news network ChockBeat, the cuts would affect two-thirds of the city’s 1,200 public schools.

At the public hearing on the 4th, the plaintiffs said that on May 31, the city’s director of education David Banks (David Banks) issued an emergency declaration requiring the city council to immediately pass a budget cut bill, which would be a public hearing. was “deprived” of, contrary to public comment and Municipal Education Policy Group (PEP) voting links and other rights, procedures and laws.

City attorney Jeffrey Dantowitz defended the city’s Department of Education’s actions “in full compliance” with the law, stressing that reopening budget discussions now could plunge New York City’s public school system into chaos.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Arthur Schwartz, said there was no evidence that “there was a genuine emergency when the emergency declaration was issued,” and that the city’s education bureau delayed the public announcement and voting on the grounds that it was completely was inconsistent. law.

The judge in charge of the case, Lyle Frank, said after hearing both sides that he doubted the reasonableness of the city’s Department of Education’s use of a “declaration of emergency” and planned to reverse the current budget cut and return it to a re-vote. for the city council; They will also have a new mandate to “separate” the education system’s budget from the rest of the city’s money, without affecting the budget structure of the city’s police and city’s fire-fighting system.

Frank also hopes that the city government will disagree and file an appeal. He needs to dissent and provide evidence to both the parties before taking the final decision on the 5th. “I don’t want to appear too strong, so I’ll give both sides a little more time.” Both sides decided to have the information provided on the 5th.

Adams said in an incident unrelated to the case on the 4th that he would follow whatever the judge did, but defended the budget-cutting policy, saying it was a helpless move to decline the nomination, “when leaders are tough. make decisions.”

New York City Teachers Union President Michael Mulgrew expressed satisfaction with the judge’s statement, and plaintiffs’ lawyers said they were “delighted”; He said that if the city decided to appeal, it would only “delay” the opening of public schools in September.

A judge intends to slash the city’s education budget as public schools reopen in September. (Credits from Banksy’s Twitter)


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