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June immigration schedules, some commercial immigration projects resume schedule

Immigration program in June. (Source/State Council Tabulation/Reporter Zhang Yun)

state DepartmentPublished on 12 June 2022MigrantScheduling, some projects have resumed scheduling changes; Family immigrants are not required to schedule except for second priority, and other items remain in place; Employment immigrants born in China are the first priority, the fourth priority is the general category and the fifth priority is regional center amount, the fifth priority for China-born non-regional centers is to restart the queue; The third priority for job immigrants not born in China is to restart the queue, and there is room for other goods, and there is no need to queue.

Family Immigration:

remain the first priority (adult unmarried children of citizens);

Second preference Class 2-A (spouse and minor children of permanent residents) have places;

Remain second preference Category 2-B (adult unmarried children of permanent residents);

the third priority is given (married children of citizens);

The fourth priority remains (siblings of adult citizens).

Professional Immigration:

First priority is for those born in China, and there is no need to schedule, and there are places for non-Chinese births as well;

Chinese-born second preference (with an advanced degree or special qualification) stay where they are; There are characters born in non-Chinese;

Chinese-borns remain a third priority (general category), with non-Chinese-born people having quotas;

China-born third priority (non-technical.)Labour) stop, will resume non-Chinese birth scheduling;

There are places for Chinese-born fourth priority (special personnel), and there is no need to schedule; Non-Chinese births are also places;

China-born fifth priority EB-5 non-regional center resumes scheduling, non-Chinese-born people have quotas; Regional centers have both Chinese-born and non-Chinese-born quotas.

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