Saturday, August 6, 2022

Justice Thomas said the leaked opinion would damage the confidence of the Supreme Court

Justice Thomas said the Left had followed a strategy that the Conservatives had not done.

You never go to a Supreme Court judge’s house when things are not right, ”he said. “We have not lost our temper. It is our responsibility to do the right thing at all times and not to give in to fire. “

Conservatives “have never underestimated the Supreme Court candidates,” he said. President Barack Obama’s third Supreme Court candidate, Merrick B. Garland, admitted that he was “not heard, but he was not wasted.”

“You can’t see the nominee being completely destroyed,” he said. “You don’t even see people going to other people’s houses, attacking them in restaurants, throwing objects at them.”

Judge Brett said Mr Kavanagh had been specifically abused, but had only been referred directly to his brutal confirmation trial, in which he angrily denied allegations of sexual harassment.

Justice Thomas took issue with the controversy, saying that Senate Republicans who blocked Mr Garland’s nomination were following the rule proposed by then – Senator Biden: “This is the last year in your government. Not listening.”

Judge Thomas, who has long served in the current court, is strongly opposed to Luo.

On Friday, he said he was opposed to her 1991 nomination, “they tried to get me out of court for an abortion.”

However, at his confirmation hearing, to the surprise of many, although he was released when he was a Yale Law student, he never discussed Roy.

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