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Kathryn Shelton: Timeline of case with ties to former Texas attorney

Countless men fell to the ground Kathryn Shelton. She never spent a day in jail. Is she responsible for their deaths? Journalist Jenna Jackson has been trying to find an answer to this question for years.

2002: Journalist obsession begins

Jenna Jackson
Producer Jenna Jackson in her attic, flipping through Katherine Shelton’s files.

P+R Creative Group

More than 20 years ago, “48” producer Jenna Jackson began researching a notorious Texas woman named Kathryn Mehafi Shelton and was hooked.

Kathryn Mehafi Shelton

Kathryn Mehafi Shelton
Kathryn Mehafi Shelton

CBS News Archive

Strange things happened to the man in the former defense attorney’s life: ex-boyfriend beaten to death, ex-lover shot in the back, contractor found dead in one of her homes, naked; The mystery of some events.

some expert help

Lisa Andrews, Brian Behnken, Jenna Jackson
Lisa Andrews (left), Brian Behnken (center) and Jenna Jackson sort out the case file.

CBS News

Jenna Jackson has sought the help of defense attorney Brian Behnken and former prosecutor Lisa Andrews to sort out the many charges. Both Benken and Andrews are “48 hour” consultants.

Death 1: George Tedesco

George Tedesco
George Tedesco is Katherine Shelton’s ex-boyfriend.

CBS News Archive

The first death of a man linked to Katherine Shelton was Houston anesthesiologist George Tedesco. He and Sheldon had dated, but when the relationship ended, Sheldon sued him saying they were “common law” married and she was entitled to half of his assets.

January 15, 1979: Tedesco found dead

George Tedesco crime scene
Jenna Jackson and Brian Benken watch the garage where George Tedesco was found beaten to death.

CBS News

George Tedesco was found brutally beaten to death in his garage on the day he was scheduled to appear in court for his altercation with Catherine Shelton. Investigators found a tire iron in what they believed to be the murder weapon.

After his death, Sheldon broke into the crime scene to retrieve the property she said belonged to her. Shelton admitted to taking items including: a TV, pottery, $140 in cash, her driver’s license and an antique sword. Tedesco’s family later filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Katherine, but it was never tried.

Gary Taylor

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor

CBS News Archive

Later in 1979, a Houston reporter named Gary Taylor, who reported on the courthouse, said he began a relationship with Kathryn Shelton.

Taylor said she became furious when he tried to break up with Sheldon a few weeks later. Taylor said she even once kept a pistol on her nightstand, he thought, just to remind him who the boss was.

Taylor went to friends in the prosecutor’s office, who are still investigating Tedesco’s unsolved murder. It was suggested that he and his roommate could secretly record Sheldon’s phone calls.

But tensions escalated further when Sheldon found out that Taylor was cooperating with prosecutors. Taylor’s roommate called Sheldon and got her response on tape.

On the tape, Sheldon can be heard screaming, “He has to beg my mercy.”

January 17-18, 1980: Gary Taylor goes to Katherine’s house

Sheldon House.jpg
Katherine Shelton’s 1980’s home.

CBS News

In the early 1980s, the situation turned violent. Gary Taylor’s home was stolen. Katherine Shelton has not admitted responsibility for the burglary, but Taylor said she told him she could help him retrieve his belongings if he came to her home.

Once at her house, Taylor said, Sheldon told him she had something for him in her bedroom closet. Taylor said when he walked into the closet, the lights went out and he heard a gunshot.


Gary Taylor's Evidence
The chair used by Gary Taylor during an argument at Katherine Shelton’s house.

clue evidence

Gary Taylor said he could see Katherine Shelton standing in the bedroom with a gun pointed at the closet. He said he grabbed a chair and rushed towards her. Sheldon fired a shot, across the chair, and grazed Tyler’s ear. Taylor said he threw the chair at Sheldon and ran down the hallway toward the door.

Gary Taylor shoots from behind

Gary Taylor was shot in the back.

trial evidence

“As I got to the door, I stopped, pushed the latch, and opened the door. That’s when I felt a shot in the back,” Taylor said. Catherine Shelton was arrested. She said she shot Taylor in self-defense.

April-June 1980: Katherine Shelton on trial

Katherine Shelton photo
Kathryn Shelton was arrested for shooting Gary Taylor.

Harris County Sheriff’s Department

In April 1980, Katherine Shelton was on trial for the shooting of Gary Taylor. The trial left a jury hanging, divided by gender. Seven said they were guilty. Five women said she was innocent.

At the second trial, Sheldon claimed Taylor held a gun at her and said she was trying to get rid of him. She was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, her conviction was overturned on appeal. Instead of facing another trial, Sheldon pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and received a suspended sentence. She was temporarily banned from practicing law. She later persuaded a judge to quash her conviction.

May 5, 1980: Death 2 | Tommy Bell

Tommy Bell
Tommy Bell

CBS News Archive

Tommy Bell, a former client of Kathryn Shelton, was named alongside her in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by George Tedesco’s family – which never went to trial.

Bell was found shot dead in his home. Bell’s roommate told investigators that Bell had been playing Russian roulette in his bedroom.

1981: Married and moved to Dallas

Katherine and Clint Shelton
Katherine and Clint Shelton.

CBS News Archive

In 1981, Katherine married a man named Clint Shelton, and they moved to Dallas together. In 1988, Catherine Shelton got her legal license back and opened a clinic. This period of Katherine’s life was relatively quiet, but that changed in 1999.

June 8, 1999: Death 3: | Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen

CBS News Archive

Chris Hansen is a client of Kathryn Shelton. She has reportedly been helping Hansen do some immigration work for him. Hansen came to the United States from Canada. In 1999, Hansen was doing some contract work in a new home that Shelton had not yet moved into.

On June 8, Hansen was found hanging naked in the Sheldon house where he had been working. His cause of death was autologous asphyxiation, according to newspaper reports at the time.


Marissa Hierro
Marissa Hierro

CBS News Archive

Marisa Hierro is a former employee of the law firm of Catherine Shelton. After leaving, Hierro started his own immigration consulting business. Shelton wasn’t happy about it, she said. The pair accused each other of defrauding their respective clients. According to Hierro, Sheldon also began threatening her.

“She was screaming, ‘You’re not going to live to see Christmas.’ I mean, that’s what she said,” Hierro said.

Sheldon has denied ever threatening her. Hierro said she feared for her safety because of what happened to Chris Hansen. Hierro said she knew him and he told her about his conflict with Katherine about 30 days before his death.

December 20, 1999: Death 4 | Michael Hierro

Michael Hiero
Michael Hiero

CBS News Archive

One night in December, Marissa Hierro and her husband Michael pulled into their driveway and were shot. Marisa said she saw two masked figures: a large man – a man – with a gun and a petite blonde woman giving orders. Michael Hierro was shot. Marisa Hierro was shot in the arm and was seriously injured.

Marisa told police that Kathryn Shelton was responsible and she recognized her voice as the woman who gave the order. However, Katherine has an alibi and insists she is innocent.

DNA found near Hierro crime scene

Police found two latex gloves and a mask made of pantyhose at a construction site near the murder scene. Clint Shelton’s DNA is on the mask.

February 25, 2000

Clint Shelton
Clint Shelton in prison for ’48 Hours’ interview.

CBS News

Clint Shelton was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for shooting Yeros. “48 hours” said to him several years after his sentence.

“I did not murder or attempt to murder anyone,” Clint Shelton said. “I wasn’t there that night.”

Katherine Shelton has never been charged with a crime.

December 20, 2001: Marisa Hierro sues for wrongful death


Dallas County District Court

Marissa Hierro sued Katherine and Clint Shelton for wrongful death in 2001. The lawsuit never went to trial. Kathryn Shelton counterclaimed that Marisa Yello falsely accused her and Clint of the crime, and all her claims were untrue. Marissa didn’t appear in court, so Sheldon tacitly won. A judge ruled that Hierro defamed Katherine Shelton, charged her with murder, and awarded her millions of dollars in damages.

August 27, 2017: Death 5 | Sam Shelton

The death of a man linked to Katherine Shelton didn’t end there. In 2017, a 70-year-old veteran named Sam Shelton — not related — lived at Sheldon’s home. She said he was unwell and had no family to take care of him.

When Hurricane Harvey blew through Houston, Kathryn Shelton said Sam died of natural causes in her home.

Katherine Shelton got into trouble after his death when she tried to rent a house by signing Sam Shelton’s name on a lease application. Katherine claimed her intentions were good; she said she was trying to buy a new house for Sam’s nurse and her family who lost their home in the storm.

2022: Katherine Shelton in her own words

Jenna Jackson and Katherine Shelton
Jenna Jackson and Katherine Shelton in 2022.

CBS News

Kathryn Shelton recently sat down again with Jenna Jackson to discuss the cases and clarify the facts.

“I’ve never killed anyone…I’ve never paid anyone to kill anyone, promised anyone I’d pay them to kill another person, offered anyone anything of value, “Sheldon said.

Kathryn Shelton has been charged with felony fraudulent use of identifying information. She is currently facing a trial scheduled for this summer.

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