Kathy Barnett starred in the Pennsylvania Senate race

“I want a normal person,” Dr. Mannarino said. “I want someone to know the price of a hamburger and fill their gas tank.”

According to her campaign manager, author of “Nothing to Lose, All To Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America”, Ms. Barnett left Alabama after college and worked for eight years in Livd, Pennsylvania.

According to property records, she and her husband run a four-bedroom home in the Philadelphia suburb of Carl Huntington Valley. While appearing as a conservative commentator on “Fox and Friends”, she educated her son and daughter at home for six years.

“He’s the new face of government,” Conrad J. said. Ms. Said Cross, a real estate broker and builder who lives near Barnett, and will be handing out flyers as a candidate for the Community Open Days hosted on Sunday. The Trump flag is hanging on his tree. ” Don’t blame the family. We voted for Trump, “he said.

The ‘new face’ was predicted to win on Thursday. “I love it.”

Barnets owns property in Texas, property records show and her Amazon biography shows she lived in Virginia.

In the 1990s, he served in the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve for seven years, earning specialist status, according to U.S. Army spokesman Madison Bonjo. She received a degree in finance from Troy State University in Alabama in 1997, making her the first woman in her family to graduate from college, according to the school. He holds an MBA from Phonbone University in Missouri.

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