Keiko Fujimori and Fuerza Popular to Support Pedro Castillo’s Presidency Vacancy

U.S.A.Keiko Fujimori and Fuerza Popular to Support Pedro Castillo's...

Keiko Fujimori. Photo: Andina.

Keiko Fujimori, The leader of Fuerza Popular announced via his Twitter account that his bench President will support vacancy request against Pedro Castillo, Motion made by legislator of Avanza Pais, Patricia Chirinos, at yesterday’s plenary session Congress of the Republic.

With the entry of Fuerza Popular, the motion for the presidency will reach the signature required to be accepted for discussion in the plenary session of Parliament. It should be remembered that in the last hours the banks popular upgrade And advance country.

exposed as Keiko Fujimori, Pedro decides to support the vacancy against Castillo because this government is “showing a permanent inability to lead the country.”

“At Fuerza Popular, we believe that this government is showing a permanent inability to lead the country. That is why the bench has decided to sign the motion for the vacancy of the President.”He tweeted.

However, he regretted that the request for removal of the head of state from power has not been made by consensus with other benches.

“There are moments when political groups must define their position in facts, beyond speeches. The future of the country should not be subject to political calculations or votes. It’s about principles and beliefs”, he specified.

Capture: @KeikoFujimori
Capture: @KeikoFujimori

Last night, Congresswoman Chirinos reported that the proposal was ready to be submitted, requiring only her colleagues to reconsider and decide on signatures because they had only 5 of the 26 required signatures.

“We need 26 signatures, so far I have five. Four from my bench, but I am waiting for other congressmen to consider, and start thinking about Peru”, Held.

Vacancy Against Pedro Castillo

Yesterday, Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos presented a presidential vacancy motion for permanent moral incompetence against the head of state, Pedro Castillo Terrones, in front of a plenary session of parliament, and urged other legislators to ‘not be afraid’ and sign the document. requested to be able. Render it voting, which could spark a new political crisis that could exacerbate the economic and social uncertainty that our country is currently experiencing.

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President, comrades. Today I want to place an order for those Peruvian children who have nothing to eat and who can’t even go to school, for mothers who have no way of bringing their children bread For thousands of sick people who die because of care, long queues of hospitals, for youth without jobs, for women victims of violence, for the pain of women victims of terrorism, for the desperation of the armed forces. And the police, for the dignity, pride and hope of those crying out of crisis. For this reason, with the cry of a people united in one heart, by God, I request President Castillo’s presidential vacancy. I come to this room. The legislator pointed.

Patricia Chirinos showed the document in which she assured that she hopes to get the support of other legislators to promote the vacancy of Castillo Terrones. “Fight me and show your loyalty to the people, that people should not feel ashamed of us, that they do not call us traitors to the country, we respect those who demand that we give ourselves a highway, a bridge. Don’t sell on or a construction site. Let’s not look for fleeting applause or salary at the end of the month”, he emphasized

“Governance does not exist with a President who is unable to differentiate between good and bad, between legal and immoral. Madam Speaker, I request you to give priority to this proposal. It is about right, left or centre. No, it’s about Peru ”, blessed Assurance.

President Castillo not only suffers from moral incapacity, he suffers from complete incapacity to rule this country. Let’s defend this homeland, one dies for the motherland”, Consequence.

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