Kidnapping in La Pampa?: The mysterious incident that caught the attention of America and Europe

U.S.A.Kidnapping in La Pampa?: The mysterious incident that caught...

The city of Jacinto Arauj is about 200 km from the provincial capital.

The disappearance of a woman for nearly 24 hours from the city of Jacinto Arauze in La Pampa province has not only stirred Argentina, but also in Argentina. increased the interest of the United States and other countries,

What felt like another case of disappearance took a strange turn toward the paranormal, According to herself, she suddenly appeared 60 kilometers from her last known location, claiming that she was pulled there by a light.

The unusual case occurred on Tuesday, November 16, when the woman was identified by initials. IR’s missing report was given by her husband, The couple lives on a farm located about 15 km from the city of Jacinto Arauj. According to the man, his wife had gone out for a walk and did not return.

After the complaint, intensive search operation started. Teams from General San Martín, Regional Unit III and Cannes Section joined.

After the reveal, the woman was distraught and in a state of shock that she could not speak (illustrative photo)
After the reveal, the woman was distraught and in a state of shock that she could not speak (illustrative photo)

According to local media, after several hours of ranking, strange interference started hindering the work of the police: Her phone connection was lost, the trained dogs who were trying to trace the woman‘s whereabouts could not pass around 150 of the house and returned as if they had lost track within that radius.,

Next morning, when they resumed the search and at a time when the police had enlisted the assistance of a private plane to fly over the area, woman was located, He was seen about 60 kms from his house at around 8 am on Wednesday.

Investigators reported that the woman was found by a rural police patrol in Colonia Santa Teresa, and “Pain“The state of his shock was so strong that could not speakwith officers or their family members.

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In this framework, the famous Pampian ufologist, Oscar “Quick” Mario, said that the woman felt a noise which caught her attention which led to her leaving her house. “There he saw a very bright light and since then he can’t remember anything else”he commented.

The expert said that he still could not interview her, although he knows that “She doesn’t remember anything, from the moment she saw the blinding light and the moment she awoke”,

Along these lines, he affirmed that it has been proved that given the position of the woman in relation to footwear and clothing, it is denied that she traveled on foot.

,It is improbable that he has walked all those kilometres, with no trace of dust or dirt, nor any signs of fatigue that we think he could have done. In addition, this person is obese”, he indicated.

Another very curious fact in the story is that when the woman was missing, her relatives must have received some calls from her cell phone. “But when they answered, they did not hear his voice, but a kind of hump or wind”, the researchers noted.

The alleged kidnapping caught everyone’s attention. “Not only has the matter affected La Pampa and other parts of the country, I have been receiving emails from Russia, the United States and Spain, who believe this is a very special region in the world, and they are asking for information from me. Are requesting for it.Said “Quick” Mario, who has been studying various UFO-related cases in the province for more than 40 years.

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