Kim Kardashian Helped 130 Female Soccer Players Escape the Taliban

SportsKim Kardashian Helped 130 Female Soccer Players Escape the...

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Beautiful celebrities Kim Kardashian and Leeds United boss Andrea Radrizzani was flooded with praise after helping 130 female footballers escape the Taliban in Afghanistan. Kim Kardashian and Andrea help 130 female soccer player resettled in England after escaping from Taliban .

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Kim Kardashian paid for charter flights to ensure safe passage from Pakistan. And after they landed yesterday, Radrizzani tweeted: ”When I received a call asking for help to save the junior team from Afghanistan, I didn’t even know where to start.”

Today they flew to England. Proud to be part of the team to make this happen. Let’s dream (that) one day they will play at @LUFC.”

The players were evacuated out of Afghanistan to escape the Taliban in September following the departure of allied forces in August. Khalida Popal, director of the Afghan women’s team, praised Radrizzani. “Thanks to everyone and the wonderful government that made this possible. My girls will soon breathe freedom. And many thanks to Kim Kardashian for funding.”

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Women in Football also praised the success of the save. “Your English sister in football gives you the warmest welcome in our country and wishes you peace and happiness.”

Popal received the 2021 “Hero Award” last Monday from Fifpro, the world‘s players’ union, for his efforts to evacuate hundreds of people from the country. In her speech, she spoke of the necessity of advising young female players to burn their football kits in Afghanistan, amid concerns about the deteriorating treatment of women.


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