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Nueva Pangea is an agile education program that will allow economic and financial education and the teaching of risk management to be integrated into the educational system. The scheme was designed by the National Ministry of Education, Asobankaria and Fasecolda, the institutions that made its official launch.

Minister of Education, Maria Victoria Angulo, during the launch event He mentioned the benefits that children and adolescents would accrue from teaching personal finance and economics.

The education sector works in a coordinated manner so that economic and financial education contributes to the integral development of girls, boys, adolescents and youth in the country and thereby strengthens their life projects. In this way, we joined with Asobankaria and Fasekolda to make this platform available to the educational community, which provides tools for proper management of resources not only financial but also natural, saving and provisioning, based on informed decisions. goals are achieved and personal and social well-being arises

According to the ministry, the initiative comes at a crucial moment in the work between the financial sector unions and Ministry of Education to achieve the implementation of a national program of financial education in the classrooms.

From 2020, the country has a national policy for inclusion and economic and financial education. The aim of this policy is to integrate economic and financial education into the daily activities of citizens, with the aim of integrating economic and financial education into the daily life of Colombians.

This approach will allow children and young people, in all social contexts, to properly assess and manage their risks and make informed decisions to protect what is important to them.

For his part, Asobancaría’s president, Hernando José Gómez, explained that from the association he believes in the importance of education that has the tools to teach and learn about economics.

“At Asobankaria we believe that economic and financial training is a very powerful tool for promoting social mobility, building economic well-being and improving quality of life.”

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On the other hand, Miguel Gómez, Executive President of Fasecolda, said that, “Assessing and knowing how to protect what is important is a skill that must be learned from the classroom. At Fasecolda, we believe that economic and financial education, with a focus on risk and resource management, can help Colombian families It will promote the resilience of people and facilitate that more people achieve their goals and projects, anticipating potential adversities and protecting the family nucleus”.

The program is a didactic tool that seeks to create awareness among children, adolescents and youth about the economic problems of their environment, the importance of caring for resources and planning their use to create a more sustainable world, through a fictional story. Is. and society.

‘Nueva Pangea – Expedition’ It is composed of 15 stories that address a variety of topics in workshops of up to two hours’ duration and in different contexts, in which students must help the residents of Nueva Pangea (a fictional country) in various challenges that will test their ability to assess, identify, characterize and manage risks and their resources. For more information you can contact www.nuevapangea.co.

Nueva Pangea, on the other hand, also has tools for teachers to include economic and financial education as part of the content of the study plans, which would allow Students better identify their economic and financial context and inculcate best practices and consumption habits from a risk management perspective.

With this material the educational community can organize itself into teams, develop missions and propose solutions to environmental problems. Similarly, the strategy is linked to the socio-vocational orientation of the National Ministry of Education called Proyecta T, so that youth can develop the skills and habits that will enable them to enter post-secondary education and integrate their future into working life. Makes. ,

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