Know the secret of the success of Tiktok and which are the world’s most popular accounts

U.S.A.Know the secret of the success of Tiktok and...

TikTok doubled its users in a year (Photo: Reuters/Stringer)

Chinese-origin forum in 2016, TIC Toc, achieving great success in the Asian region, was released to the public. However, this was until 2020, the year in which covid-19 pandemic It reached all over the world, when it reached its true peak.

Within a few months she became one of them Social Networks most used by youths, with Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram occupying a spot in the top five, ahead of Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter and Pinterest.

It was popular since its inception, however, it only reached Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. according to platform oberloIn February 2019, it had one billion users.

In December 2019, the SARS-CoV-2 virus was about to emerge in the world, with Wuhan, China, the first place to be formally detected. Incidentally, TikTok reached 2 billion downloads in that period.

Two youths recorded a video in Bilbao for the social network Tickets (Photo: EFE / LUIS TEJIDO)
Two youths recorded a video in Bilbao for the social network Tickets (Photo: EFE / LUIS TEJIDO)

i.e. with its popularity in the first three years of life it reached one billion downloads, but It doubled its users in a span of one year, This was the same year that COVID-19 moved from China to the rest of the world.

rise of entertainment platform It quickly crossed borders and was the most downloaded application in the App Store with 33 million in March 2021. It is worth noting that despite being in the top of the social network, it does not belong to Facebook.

In this sense, researcher Luis ngel Hurtado Razo (FCPyS) of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (One), disclosed in their study “How Mexicans Use TikTok » He In 2020, this platform was an escape valve specifically for young people, because both social networks and traditional media (press, radio and television) only talked about the pandemic.

“TikTok worked to make youth forget all the tragedy (deaths from COVID-19 and the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2) and the economic crisis that had taken away their daily lives in Mexico and the world.”

TikTok served the youth (Photo: UNAM)
TikTok served the youth (Photo: UNAM)

He noted that tiktok youth got refuge Where they can have fun with people their age, because unlike others like Instagram, it’s not about lifestyle but about entertainment. In this sense, the users who use it the most are university and high school students who lost the freedom to go to school and be with their friends.

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According to statistics, 42% of users are in the age group of 16 to 24 years. It also has to do with the fact that its creators defined their target market as people under the age of 18.

Whole world, tiktokers with most followers They are Charli D’Amelio with over 129 million followers, Khabane Lem with over 120 million, and Addison Rae with nearly 86 million. They are all youngsters who upload videos of dancing or showing things about their personality.

(Photo: Tiktok)
(Photo: Tiktok)

Another hidden face of this and other “free” social networks, such as the Meta Consortium, is Sale of user information to companies, mainly marketing.

While they have no cost to access and subscribe, the hidden cost is the personal data that the platform collects during negotiations.

Hurtado Razo assures that when a user spends time on the platform, he gives a like For a video, he becomes a follower of something, if he comments, downloads or shares a video, he is registered in TikTok, which then advertises all that information on his platform. Sells brands, turns user into business. ,

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