KONI and PBESI Support eSports to Become a Field of Achievement

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JAKARTA – The Indonesian government is committed to continuing to support and develop the eSports ecosystem in Indonesia. Because, this as one of the sports achievements continues to be intensified.

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Through the 2021 eSports Presidential Cup, this event continues to emerge with potential athletes who then have a clear career path in the eSports industry.

It is these talents that will continue to be dug up and built in order to continue to perform and the fragrance of the nation‘s name in the future.

The same thing is also done so that Indonesian professional eSports teams can continue to have a clear competition system so that they can continue to live and develop.

Secretary General of Central KONI TB Ade Lukman said KONI and PBESI under the coordination of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) have prepared a design for the development and development of ecosystems and eSports athletes, so that in the future they will be able to gain proud achievements in various regional and world championship events.

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“We see eSports in the future will soon enter the Olympics as well. So we have to prepare this eSports well, so that when we compete later we are really ready. Our athletes have won a lot at the Asian level, even the world,” explained Ade Lukman.

Not only that, he also said that KONI and PBESI have set a number of long-term and short-term targets related to the achievements that can be achieved by Indonesian eSports athletes in regional events.

“In 2022 there will be the SEA Games in Vietnam and eSports will be the sport to be competed. We hope that our eSports team will contribute medals at the SEA Games. Then in September there will be the Asian Games in Hangzhou as well as eSports, of course we hope that eSports will also provide achievements there,” said Ade.

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