Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Korean group Girls’ Generation made a strong comeback and complained about the “8 daughters of the Dragon King of the East China Sea”.

After celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut, Korean group “Girls Generation” is back to release a new album, “Forever 1”. The new song will be officially released on August 5, and a 30-second trailer was released in no time. day before. The members are simply full of aura, however, in the past, “navy style”, “devil style”, “beautiful suit” and other styles were to lead.fashionGirl’s Generation, this preview screen was criticized by netizens.

Netizens watched the preview screen and realized that no matter how good the figure was, it was difficult to keep up with the genre boom. They all expressed that they could not understand the style this time, and they were so sour that it was so colorful that the eight daughters of the Dragon King of the East China Sea”, “My sisters’ personal clothes are better than this look”, lament Doing: Why do you treat beautiful women like that?


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