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Korean star made fun of her husband for eating food secretly, said – ‘Meeting 400 people’, this time it was a real divorce

Korean star Huang Zhengyin married an entrepreneur in 2016. After four years of their marriage, they applied for divorce in the court, but they announced that they were getting back together the next year. On the 22nd, Huang Zhengyin filed for divorce again, and the agency responded and confirmed it.

After marriage, Huang Zhengyin and her husband had two children, but the marriage was very unstable. Huang Zhengyin filed for divorce in September 2020, but the marriage was not divorced. In July the following year, he said that after intense talks between the two, both parties decided to give each other another chance. They also recently revealed their process of overcoming the divorce crisis and getting back together on the show “My Little Naughty Child”.

But today she broke the news about her divorce. She posted a photo of her husband on Instagram yesterday and captioned it: “400 people should have seen him.” He hinted at her cheating. Her agency confirmed the news of the divorce: “After careful consideration, Huang Zhengyin has decided not to maintain the marriage and is filing for divorce. Since this is a personal matter, we will not disclose the reasons for the divorce.” “Can’t disclose detailed information. Please understand.”



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