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Kushner’s new book: Kelly watches Trump’s phone conversation

aheadwhite HouseSenior Advisor,trumpson in lawkushner(Jared Kushner) explains in a new book to be published later this month that former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (John Kelly) held all of former President Trump’s phone conversations, but Trump doesn’t even know Kelly walked. Left. Not only was Trump furious, Kushner wrote, but he later issued an executive order barring any White House aides from listening to phone conversations.

Kushner’s new book, “Breaking History: A White House Memoir,” is due out Aug. 23. According to excerpts from the new book obtained by The New York Post, all of Trump’s phone conversations were heard by Kelly, but Trump didn’t find out until late 2018 when news of Kelly’s impending departure broke.

The book says that after Kelly stepped down as White House chief of staff, Trump issued an executive order barring White House aides from having his phone conversations.

Kushner said in the book that despite being a senior White House adviser, his access to classified files was restricted by Kelly, who also forbade him from speaking publicly about the US plan to establish an embassy in Jerusalem.

Kushner reported that Kelly’s replacement, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, responded to Kelly’s calls on Trump’s phone call before attending a dinner at Vice President Pence’s residence on December 28, 2018. The book reads, “Before we leave, Mulvaney met with the President with me to discuss the next itinerary. Mulvaney gave Trump a document pending approval.”

According to the book, Mulvaney told Trump: “This order will eliminate Kelly’s means of listening to all of your phone calls.” Mulvaney explained to Trump how Kelly self-authorized to listen to all of Trump’s phone calls.

Kushner wrote that Trump was furious that Kelly spoke on the call, asking “What did Kelly do?” Trump also told Mulvaney, “Stop this now.” Kelly, July 2017 was appointed as Chief of Staff of the White House on 31 January. Retirement date of 2nd January 2019.

Kelly did not respond to the New York Post’s request for an interview.


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