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LA County ‘Little Taipei’ policeman shot dead in Downey

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Los Angeles CountyMonterey Parkan off-duty police officer from the Monterey Park Police Departmentpolice, was shot to death in a parking lot in Downey on August 8 and was pronounced dead when he was found. On the 9th, authorities launched a full-scale search, hoping to find the suspect who shot and killed the policeman. Mengshi is a densely populated city in Los Angeles County, and was once known as “Little Taipei”.


Monterey Park Police Chief Kelly Gordon said of the murder of a subordinate on the 8th that officers are now focused on arresting the suspect and accepting legal sanctions.

the police saidShootingThe incident occurred on the 8th at 3:25 pm in front of a busy gym in the parking lot of a shopping mall at 12070 Lakewood Blvd., when police found the bullet at the scene and pronounced him dead on the spot; It is possible that the dead man was shot in or next to a Black Dodge Charger.

At present, investigators have only announced that the deceased was an off-duty policeman from the Mengcheng Police Department, and his name has not been released. Police are still investigating the possible causes of the shooting and the circumstances surrounding the shooting.



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